MS Office is the application which was introduced by Microsoft. There are many applications in an Office suit such as Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc. There are many versions of Microsoft office such as Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 2016, etc. Among all of these versions Office 2016 is the latest one.

hqdefaultWhen Microsoft Office is compared with Office 2013, it is found that both are almost similar to look with the use of solid colors and ribbon bars. The only improvement included in the Office 2016 was primarily the cloud-based feature on the ubiquitous office suite. Most of the users were the fans of Microsoft Office 2013’s interface and all the users are happy the interface in Office 2016 is not changed and also other features are added in to it.

The users of Office 365 are getting the new versions along with Volume License by which the users are enabled to use the new software from the beginning of October. But the standard perpetual license version was later existed in last year. It was not clear that whether the online features is able to use the Microsoft OneDrive cloud spaces, which are entitled to all the Windows.

The Office 2016 is associated with Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. For a month the cost is £7.00 per user with an annual commitment. Office 365 Premium is included with Skype for Business, extra storage and email capabilities at £7.80 per user, per month with an annual commitment. Most of the people are still waiting for iOS and Android Business apps because these apps have entered a preview phase accessible for some corporate users.

For a single user the ProPlus edition will cost up to £10 and it also includes Access. For all the Windows users, OneNote is available for free along with Microsoft Visio and Office 365.

The new features of Office 2016 span multiple apps which include themes and background patterns that can be applied by the users to all the Office apps that are associated with their account. Also external applications are also included such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In order to the features of the Office apps you need to search “Tell me what you want to do” search box that is present at the top of the Ribbon bar. The other advantage of Office 2016 is the apps can be accessed to Bing search engines through its integrated smart lookup tool.

7787051112_24c0118cea_oIt is drastic situation for users when files from Windows 8 based system get deleted or lost since users have to suffer from huge data loss. The deleted or lost files may be audio, video, documents, texts, pictures, etc. It is mainly occurs due to human errors which ends up with deletion or loss of data from system. If those files are important for users then they want to recover as soon as possible.

If you are facing same situation, just make use of Recover Windows 8 tool to restore different file types by following proper procedure. It is user friendly tool so that novice user can easily recover Windows 8 files. You are capable of recovering files from system hard drives that are may be corrupted or damaged. Apart from Windows 8, it recovers data from several other versions of Windows operating system. This utility has number of advantages over other recovery tool. By using this tool, you can recover files for free but unable to save that recovered file if you want to recover file, you need to purchase this tool online.

Reasons for data loss from Windows 8 based system

  • While transferring files from Windows 8 system to another device, if system shut down suddenly then there are chances that file get lost from the system.
  • Due to file system corruption, operating system is unable to locate the file and folder saved in your system. As a result of which files become unreachable from users.
  • If you accidentally press delete button and the file size is more than the size of recycle bin then that file get permanently deleted from the system.
  • Another reason for deletion of file is insertion of virus in your system. It occurs when you are connected to infected system or device.

Precautions taken to avoid data loss situation on Windows 8 system

  • Upgrade the antivirus tool to avoid virus attack on your Windows 8 system.
  • Ensure the file before deletion so as to overcome file deletion from system accidentally.
  • Prepare back up of all important files in order to avoid data loss from your system due to error while file transfer, sudden failure, etc.

Features of Recover Windows 8 Software

  • This software is compatible on all the major versions of Windows operating system.
  • You can add unique file signatures by own and recover that file in few simple steps.
  • Demo version allows you to recover files for free on Windows 8.
  • This utility resume the recovery process any time using Save Recovery Session.
  • It recovers file from different file system such as FAT16, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS, HFSX, HFS+, etc.
  • Recover Windows 8 software retrieve generic files as well as RAW files of different cameras.
  • It recovers files from Windows 8 and restores them on desired location.
  • 24X7 support is given to users to sort out the difficulty while accessing the software.

“Hello friends! I’m in trouble. Last night when I was installing Windows 10 in my laptop then during installation process, I clicked on the partition delete option mistakenly. Due to this blunder, I lost my all important data from D drive. All those files which are deleted from D drive are very necessary and recovery of all files is must for me in any condition. Now I am worried and helpless because I don’t know how to achieve my all lost files again. Confusion creates where, when I searched online for file recovery tools. I have lots of option now but I want one of the trustworthy recovery tools. So if you guys have any idea about which tool is better for deleted data recovery then please suggest me.”

17m0l9e63nhzejpgEither personal data or official data that is very important for you, if deleted or erased due to any known/ unknown reasons then no one feel good but rather they think about how to restore deleted files, which tool I use for deleted file recovery and many other questions.

A simple and effective answer for all questions is “download, install and use File Restore software.” A strong reason to choose/ go with this tool is, many of the technical experts are using this tool effectively and their responses are quite impressive. They also recommended File Restore application to all those users, who are experiencing data deletion issue due to any reasons.

[Demo tool is also available for free downloading. So you can check the efficiency of this tool before purchasing the full version tool.]

Many tremendous features of File Restore software are there but first it’s important to know the scenarios in which file can be lost or deleted from your system or any other storage devices.

Following are the reasons behind the file deletion or loss:

Accidental deletion of files: No one want to loss there important files from storage device. If mistakenly they select and delete file from the drive/device then chances are there for data loss.

Accidental format: To format a drive/ device means to loss entire data from that drive or device. If you mistakenly click on format option then you May loss entire data from that drive/device.

Infection of virus: All those files which are infected from virus, there a huge chance of deletion in scanning process of antivirus. So there is a chance of deletion of your important files also.

Bad sectors in storage device: Bad sectors which occurs due to heating of system or device. So many bad sectors in your device make that drive or device inaccessible which may leads the loss of data from that device.

Tools which are not reliable: Using of those third party tools which has no reliability may cause the data loss from the device.

System shutdown abruptly: Sometimes when you use your system and due to any reasons such as power failure, system starts booting and so on, system gets shutdown then you will loss many important data from that device.

Transferring process from any device to the system: To make more space or due to back-up of your data, you transfer data from your storage device (SD card, pen drive, digital camera etc) to the system. But sometimes due to any wanted or unwanted reason, if any interruption occurs during transferring process then you will loss data from your storage device.

There are many other reasons behind the deletion or loss of data from storage device such as:

  1. Software conflicts
  2. Hard drive corruption
  3. File system corruption
  4. Corruption of Master Boot Record
  5. Partitioning/ repartitioning of drive

However, whatever may be the reason behind data deletion or loss from storage device, restoration of all deleted files are possible in current scenario. Use File Restore software in your system and get back your all important data within few clicks of mouse.

File Restore software has several marvelous features that makes this tool special from other third party recovery tools which are available in online or offline market.

Following the features of this tool:

  1. Supports and restores deleted/ lost data of all versions of Windows and Mac OSX including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8, Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard etc.
  2. Resuming of data recovery session is also there. So no need to get tensed when any interruption occurs during transferring process. Due to Save Recovery Session features, you can save the recovery session and recover the deleted files without rescanning.
  3. Those files which are deleted from any external storage device such as external hard drive, flash drive, SD card etc can be easily restored by File Restore software.
  4. Restoring of files for both technical and non technical person is such an easy task due to its simple GUI.
  5. Those files which are deleted or lost due to file system corruption can be recovered easily. File Restore software supports all type of file system such as NTFS, FAT 16, FAT 32, ExFAT etc.

Are you the one who is facing data loss from your digital camera memory card? Do you want to know the name of one of the most effective tools for recovering data from digital camera card? Just go through this article in order to overcome your doubts regarding digital camera card recovery.

Media files including photos and videos can get erased or become inaccessible from a digital camera memory card due to numerous reasons. Most of these reasons happen due to the “ease of use” feature of a camera memory card on multiple devices. Following situations usually demand the need of restoring files from a digital camera memory card.

  • Use of a Camera Memory Card on Multiple Gadgets: If you are using your camera memory card on multiple devices, say for example on smartphones enabled with the use of standard SD card, it can affect the file system of that card negatively. The files from that memory card can become inaccessible as a result.
  • Abrupt Removal of Memory Card from Camera: You have to properly switch of your camera before ejecting memory card on that. Otherwise, it can corrupt that memory card and you need to use a digital camera memory card recovery software to get back data from it.
  • Deletion while Removing Unwanted Pictures: It can happen occasionally. Many of you may having this habit of removing unwanted pictures from your camera. Vital photos can also get deleted accidentally along with those unwanted files.

Digital Camera Card Recovery tool is an advanced utility to restore lost or inaccessible files from a camera memory card. This tool has passed through various levels of quality checking before releasing as a final product. It can used for different SD cards used on a digital camera irrespective of its form factor, like mini SD, standard SD, micro SD etc. It can also use for SDHC and SDXC cards of various classes up to class 10.

What are some Unique Features of this Tool?

  • This tool allows you to bypass bad sectors on your camera memory card by “Creating Disk Images” if you want to do so.  
  • You can preview recovered files from a camera SD card through a preview browser so that you can determine the effectiveness of demo version of this tool which is used for recovery.
  • It is possible to “Save Recovery Session” at any point during recovering files from a camera memory card.
  • Using this tool, you can recover different types of RAW images produced by prominent camera brands like Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Canon, Samsung, etc.

Microsoft hasn’t finished it off. They want their new OS, Windows 10 to have a better stand for both individual users as well as organizations. Various strategies have been designed so far for this. By enhancing Windows 10 experience across their gaming industry, Microsoft has set out new tactics towards their “One Billion Windows 10 consumer devices” plan. Just read on to know more about what is next for Windows 10.

It is not a hidden fact that rather than Xbox 360, Windows 10 is targeted towards Xbox One. Microsoft is claiming to offer consistent gaming experience across various Xbox One devices by enhanced use of Xbox Live through Windows 10. There are also saying like we can get into multiplayer sessions in a faster way.

What for Corporate Clients?

Till now, Microsoft is less focused towards their enterprise customers in the stand point of Windows 10. But recently there are some attempts from the part of Microsoft to manage PCs in an organization more efficiently. They are claiming that reduced cost in the computer management will be the ultimate result of new updates that are taking over Windows 10 enterprise editions. Setting up device groups with staggered deployments and scaling deployments with network optimizations are known to be the key features of these updates.

Windows is not concluding by this. Windows Store for Business is their next target. This offers some more flexible way to manage Store apps. If require, organizations can create their own private listings of several Windows apps. IE a store within another store.

By Microsoft’s assertion, there are 12 million business computers running by Windows 10- A marginal improvement from their last analysis. But they haven’t updated the number of total Windows 10 PCs till now.

Final Word

There isn’t anything valid material to prove that Microsoft is fooling us about the real time Windows 10 updates. Till now, there have been no complaints regarding this. At the same time, their current focus is more on business computers.

apple-logoJPG (Joint Photographic Group) is widely used in digital cameras, camcorders and photographic image capture devices for save the image files with .jpg format. This photo format has inbuilt with compression technique which helps in reduce the size of images. This is one of the most common format used in storing and transmitting photographic images on World Wide Web.

Sometimes, while capturing picture from digital camera, an interruption occurs due to battery low down. Due to this interruption huge chance of photo loss from memory card on digital camera. In this condition, an effective and reliable program named as JPG recovery software can help you to effectively perform image recovery on almost all versions of Windows and Mac platforms.

This application is capable of recovering deleted or lost JPG images from various storage devices such as USB flash drives, pen drives, FireWire Drives, thumb drive, multimedia memory card, memory stick, etc. Let us explain some causes which are responsible for deletion or loss of photos for Windows and Mac:

  • An abrupt ejection of external storage drive from computer when moving image files from external device to system and vice versa which may cause of file system corruption. If file system corrupted due to any reason then huge chance of data loss from internal as well as external storage device.
  • If you are using any third party tool for converting the image file format from one to other such as JPG to PNG. During this process, an abrupt shutdown of system, due to power failure, as a result of this you may loss image files from storage device.
  • If your computer infected by virus or malware infection which lead to hard drive corruption, after the corruption operating system won’t able to find the information related to files from hard drive as an outcome of this you will face the file deletion or loss situation.
  • Sometimes, you select an important drive device and format it which contain memorable media photos instead of other drive can leads to loss photos on Windows and Mac OS.

If you want to overcome from above mentioned scenarios and recover deleted or loss photos on Windows and Mac OS, then you can take assistance of JPEG recovery software, which will help you to restore photos on multiple versions of Windows OS like Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, and so on.

Features of JPEG Recovery software:

  • This application is designed to retrieve JPEG images from different types of hard drives types like SATA, SCSI and IDE which supports different file system like FAT 16, FAT 32, HFS, HHSX, HFS+, NTFS and NTFS on Windows and Mac operating system.
  • It is capable of recovering deleted or lost image files from different storage devices like external hard drives, USB flash cards, and memory cards, memory stick, etc
  • It has got effective scanning algorithm which conducts quick scanning of internal as well as external hard drives manufactured by different brands like Western Digital, Lexar, Hitachi, LaCie, etc.
  • You can view the recovered JPEG images with the help of preview option before to restoration.

“Hi, I have deleted files from Mac hard drive during trying to erase unwanted files from system to make some free space. However, I tried with Time Machine to get back deleted files, but I am unable to recover them. Is there any way to perform Mac hard drive recovery? Please suggest me.”

Mac systems are widely used across the globe due to its excellent features and user friendliness. It is apple-logodesigned and developed by Apple Inc. Mostly people saves their data such as documents, Excel sheets, application, movies, favorite songs and many other on Mac hard drive. But sometime user can face data deleted problem from Mac computer.

Let us talk about some common scenarios by which data get deleted or lost from Mac system hard drive:

Unintentionally Deletion: While deleting unwanted files from Mac hard drive, by mistake if you select an important file and delete it from Mac system, in such case you will face important data loss.

Using Keys Combination: Sometimes, whenever you erase a file by making the use of Command + Delete key combination, then the deleted file bypass to the Trash folder and it erased forever from Mac hard drive.

Incorrect system Shutdown: During moving important files from Mac system to external storage device like USB flash drive, pen drive, external hard drive, etc. or vice versa, if any problem arises in between this process for example power surge, unexpected removal of drive, etc. can make the entire data inaccessible from Mac hard drive.

Using Command Prompt: Sometime, when you remove a file by using command prompt by mistake if you chose an incorrect file, then it can lead to permanent file deletion from Mac system hard drive.

Emptying Trash Folder: Most of the time, you emptied the Trash folder without checking the data present on it. If any important file exists on it, then it will delete forever from Mac hard drive without giving any warning.

In order to get back deleted or lost data from Mac hard drive, you can utilize Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool. It is also advised you to take the proper backup of essential data by making the use of any external storage device. Always check twice before emptying Trash folder on Mac system to prevent significant data deletion or lost.

Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool has built with an advanced scanning algorithm that will help you to perform deep scanning of Mac hard drive in order to get back deleted or lost data from Mac system. By using this application, you can easily recover files from various storage devices such as external hard drives, USB drive, memory cards, flash drive, etc. With the aid of Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery tool, you can restore deleted or lost data from Mac hard drive types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. which can be manufactured by various brands such as Hitachi, Kingston, Seagate, Maxtor, Buffalo, Transcend, etc. This program support deleted or lost data recovery from on Mac system that supports different file system such as HFS X, HFS +, FAT 32 and FAT16 file systems without any difficulty.

IPod definition:

An iPod is a small electronic device manufactured and marketed by Apple Inc. It is a combination of digital media player hard disk from Apple Computer. The iPod is mainly used to play and store MP3 songs, photos, video songs, and movies. User can connect their iPod to the system by using USB port or FireWire. There is an iTunes application developed by Apple, which comes in handy whenever the user transfer or copy music files from their personal recover songs from ipod classic computer to the iPod. The iTunes software converts and organizes the music files that are stored in iPod so that they can be played on the device.

The interface of iPod Classic is very user friendly. There are also many features in the iPod Classic that includes games, address book, calendar, alarm clock with sleep timer, to-do list, text reader and inbuilt software to display digital photos. It comes in a different colors and storage capacity. In iPod we have number of models available in the market such as iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch, etc.

Is there any method to recover songs from iPod Classic?

I have gone through many articles and searched on the internet and also heard from peoples saying that we can restore songs from storage devices such as hard disk drives, external hard drives, cameras, and many more. But, I am not sure that the deleted or lost songs which are stored on the Apple’s iPod Classic can be restored. Any kind assistance or information about this will be appreciated.

This kind of query sounds familiar to you if so, then you will be pleased to know that there are much software are available in the market that give lots of assurance to retrieve your favorite songs, which you at any cost don’t want to lose. But, how would you come to know which software is most reliable to recover songs from iPod Classic.

Thus, you need recovery tool which is highly reviewed by the group of IT professional experts. Here, in this blog I am going inform you about tool that can easily get back your favorite songs that are erased or lost in various scenarios from iPod Classic and that tool is named as iPod File Recovery Software.


There are different reasons behind loss or deletion of songs from iPod Classic that includes improper synchronization with iPod’s iTunes software, accidental deletion, corruption of firmware, intrusion of viruses, formatting iPod Classic, abrupt shut down and some other factors. However, don’t be panic! You can easily restore lost songs from iPod Classic with the help of iPod File Recovery Application.

Why iPod File Recovery Software is most trusted by the users?

 This Software is absolutely safe and secure to recover songs from iPod Classic from all the data loss problem and it is launched after scanning with the updated antivirus program. Hence, it is totally free from intrusion of malicious programs.

  • If you are using this tool for the first time, surely you will not face any type of problem due to its hassle free and self descriptive user interface.
  • It won’t modify the original content of the data because iPod File Recovery is read only tool.

“Hi there I am Ashley; recently I had lost some of my vital data from the SD memory card. While I was working on my Samsung Grand 2 smartphone, unfortunately my phone showed some error notification stating SD card corrupted while viewing some videos. So immediately I connected the secure digital card to the computer to see to whether I can copy my data to it. But, I was unable to view or copy files and the system OS suggested that SD card might be damaged; Formatting SD card will fix the issue. I don’t want to lose my valuable data! So is there any means by which I can recover data from SD card without formatting? If so, kindly share your ideas! Thanks in anticipation”.

recover data from SD card without formattingAshley may not be the only person who is suffering from data loss from SD card. There is numerous numbers of users who face often data loss from SD cards due to several reasons. So if you had ever encountered data loss from your Secure Digital memory card then first prime most important thing is not be worried and lose hope! As technology has are being blooming like anything now a day, it’s very easy to recover data from SD cards irrespective of the lost / delete causes.

How does data gets lost / deleted from SD cards?

  • One of the main valid reasons for SD card error is that. Suppose, if your OS of your SD card inserted device gets corrupted as the result of this it may make your SD card inaccessible and states SD card corrupted, format to fix SD memory card corruption issues. This indicates data loss in SD cards.
  • Suppose you had connected your malware containing SD card on to Antivirus installed computer. Immediately on connection it may delete the affected files, as this probably ends up in data loss resulting with no other choice but to format the SD card.
  • Apart from common reasons. Sometimes situations like SD memory card file system corruption, interruption in data transfer, etc. could also lead in data loss from SD card.

Some of the basic points to be remembered after losing data from SD cards:

  • If your Computer operating system states that SD is corrupted need to be formatted! Don’t format it as you can recover from that drive before formatting.
  • Never rewrite data on the SD card. Cause rewriting data reduces the possibilities of recovery.
  • Always cultivate the habit of maintaining proper backup of the SD card before formatting.
  • Use only a reliable certified recovery tool to get back data from SD card.

How to recover data from SD card without formatting it?

You can effortlessly retrieve each and every single data from your SD cards without formatting it by using the most trusted SD card recuperate tool called as “Recover Flash Card” software. With the use this “Recover Flash Card” utility you can recover files from SD card without formatting it. As this program supports, recovery of data before formatting on different classes of memory cards such as SD cards, Flash cards, mini SD cards, CF cards, micro SD cards, MMC cards, SDHC,  and much more. Install the demo version of the recover utility free for today and evaluate the actual performance of the program before buying the paid one.

Hi friends, yesterday I decided to repartition the hard disk partition on my Windows system with help the disk management utility. Because I want to increase the size of the existing partition so that I can save new data in the PC. But while doing so I have mistakenly deleted partition, instead of shrinking with other hard disk partition. The partition which got deleted was containing huge number of files, it’s extremely important to get back the data from deleted partition. Please help me how to recover deleted partition.

recover deleted partition What do you mean by hard drive partitions?

Partitions are nothing but the divisions created in hard disk to divide the storing location of user files and system files. By partitioning user can install more than one operating system in the system. Suppose, if one partition gets deleted user can still access the files in the other hard drive partition without any problem. Thus, the entire files in the hard drive will not be of risk in that way. Hard disk partitioning allows the user to manage the data in efficient way; they can save all their data according to the type of data.

However, there are some incidences where hard disk partition gets deleted and it happens with most of the users. By the deletion of partition, the data stored in that particular hard drive partition will be lost. Often, users find it difficult to recover deleted partition on their PC. Has they are unaware about the tool, which allows them to retrieve data easily from the deleted partition and it is possible by using Partition Recovery Software. It is self explanatory software that can recover lost data on both Windows and Mac based system.

Major reasons that lead to the deletion of hard drive partition:

Accidental deletion: Most commonly faced issue by users across the globe; frequently user gets into problem due to their own mistake because they may accidentally delete the partition while organizing the hard drive partitions.

File system conversion– You may find somewhat difficulty during conversion of partition file system from one file system to another. For example FAT16 to FAT32 or to NTFS you may lose data from your partitions.

Hard drive partition corruption– Hardware or software issues, improper formatting or re-formatting of the hard drive partition, , corruption of file system, abrupt system shut down malfunctioning of the OS these all lead to corruption of partitions as no data can be accessed from the corrupt hard drive.

Partition Recovery Software uses a professional approach to recover deleted partition that may be formatted with various types of file system such as NTFS, FAT, ExtFAT, FAT16, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, etc. This application has ability to get back lost data on various types of hard drives interface such as SATA, IDE, PATA, ATA, and SCSI. It comes with an advance scanning technique which ensures the safe and secure recovery of deleted hard disk partition.

Often users may do some accidental mistake with their Mac computers and this may lead to deletion of files. If you have backup of those deleted files then there’s nothing to worry, but in case if you do not have the backup, then there occurs the worse thing. So, to recover deleted files on Mac computers the only option left is to make use of some specialised and reliable software to undelete files.

deleted file recovery Mac

One such specialised application is Deleted File Recovery Mac Software. This is 100% safe and secure software which is recommended by experts of different industries. The deleted file recovery Mac software has inbuilt smart and advanced scanning algorithm which scan the Mac computer and recover the deleted files within few minutes. This software helps to retrieve the files emptied from trash and perform deleted file recovery Mac on few simple steps.

Scenarios behind deletion of files:

  • When you delete any files on Mac computers, it automatically move to the trash. But if the trashed item too get deleted due to some reason then this can lead to data loss
  • While transferring files from computer to external device and vice versa, abrupt removal of external device can corrupt the file system and lead to deletion of files.
  • Due to header file corruption you are not able to access any files from Mac computer’s hard drive. So to overcome such situation you have to format the hard drive. As a result your important files or folders saved on the hard drive may get deleted
  • Sometimes the master boot record of Mac system get corrupted and the hard drive become inaccessible.
  • Some other reasons which are responsible for deletion of files such as deletion using ‘shift + delete’ key, accidental deletion, third party tool, etc.

Features of Deleted File Recovery Mac Software:

This software supports all the latest version of Mac operating system. You can easily recover the deleted file from HFS, HFS+, HFSX, FAT 16 and FAT 32 volume. It helps to recognize and preserve file names after recovery. Easily recover deleted files which have been emptied from trash and you can preview the recovered files prior to data restoration to their desired drive. This software facilitates you with “Save Recovery Session” which enables you to resume the recovery or saving process at any time. Using this software, you can retrieve the deleted files from SATA, SCSI, PATA, IDE hard drives, SD, XD, SDHC, MMC Memory cards, USB drive, Pen drive, External hard drive, FireWire drive, iPods, etc.

Photos are the simplest ways to recollect our past moments. Typically photos are captured by digital cameras or smartphone. Many of us store photos in portable device such as system or memory card, etc. However, in several circumstances users can find in deleting photos by playing false operations. Let’s assume a situations as you’re clearing junk files and duplicate photos from your memory card or system. Whereas erasing junk files, you’ve accidently deleted important photos folder. In this case, no need to worry, you can get your erased photos by using Recover Deleted Picture software.

Scenarios behind the deletion of photos:

Accidental Deletion:  Photos may get deleted, if you may accidently press shift + delete button while previewing photos on digital camera, system, etc.

Using Third Party Tools: We use antivirus to eliminate virus or malware threats from any storage device. In case, if the corruption is severe and will not be mounted by the Antivirus checker then it’s going to delete the pictures from the device to create the system secure from spyware. As a result, pictures may get lost from the device without the user’s information.

Accidental Formatting: You may delete photos accidently by formatting the memory card or drive using format card option.

If you are facing above mentioned scenarios then you can make use of Recover Deleted Picture software which can easily recover your deleted picture from any storage device within few clicks.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Avoid use of digital camera or use of android phone with low battery.
  • Always use updated antivirus to make your device free from virus.

Features of Recover Deleted Picture software:

  • This software performs erased photo recovery from flash memory card, SD card, MMC card, digital camera, camcorders, iPods, hard drive, etc.
  • It retrieves photos that have been lost due to formatting.
  • It recovers erased photos on operating system such as Windows (Windows 2010, Windows 2007, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc) and Mac (Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite, etc).
  • It support format of photo files such as JPG, PSD, MRW, PEF, RAF, KDC, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, TIF, etc.
  • Users can preview the recovered photos by using Preview option, once the recovery process is over.
  • You can find the recovered photos from the recovered list in few seconds by using Find tool.
  • Save recovery session option allows users to save the recovery session and resume it to avoid re-scanning of the drive.
  • Users can use the benefits of technical support if any issues find during the recovering process.
  • It can also recover files that are deleted using shift+ delete option.
  • Once the recovery process is done, you can view the files in data type as well as file type view.
  • Demo version allows the users to check the ability of the software. If they are satisfied with the recovered results then they can activate the software to save the recovered results.

Are you concerned about how to recover data from formatted hard drive? Do you want to know about what is the simple way to recover formatted disk? If yes, then you are in right place. You can recover all your lost files with the help of disk recovery software. But many of the third party recovery tools are not reliable in nature and they don’t give you assurance for complete disk recovery.

feature-free-partition-recovery-1-bHowever, the lost or deleted data from Hard Drive can be easily recovered with the help of an advanced tool named Formatted Disk Recovery software. It is the most used and liked utility by industry experts to recover data from Hard Drive. This tool helps you to recover data from any type of hard drive such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, ATA, PATA, SAS etc. Using this app, you can easily recover formatted disk on different operating system platforms like Windows and Mac.

Some reasons behind the formation of Hard Disk:

  • Accidental formatting: Sometimes due to mistake, if you format disk then you may suffer from data loss due the formation of disk. Dist formatting option also comes during installation of OS. If you click on that option mistakenly then this may also cause behind the formation of hard disk.
  • Boot Sector Corruption: Boot sector holds some essential data related to the partition table. If this boot sector is corrupted due to any unreliable application or any other reasons then there is a huge chance of hard disk corruption due to which you will unable to access any single file from the drive.
  • Bad Sectors: Too many bad sectors on hard drive may be the reason behind the corruption of hard drive and denies permission to access any drive from it. Bad sectors mainly occur due to virus infection or abrupt shut down of system while the system is in use.
  • Other factors: Virus also plays a vital role behind the formation of HDD. Apart from this, unreliable third party tools, abrupt shutdown of system etc are some other reasons behind the formation of hard drive.

If you want to recover formatted disk then use Formatted Disk Recovery software and recover your all important data from the hard drive.

Features of Formatted Disk Recovery software:

  • This tool works with both platform of operating system, Windows OS and Mac OS X.
  • This tool helps you to recover data from any type of hard drive such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, ATA, PATA, SAS etc and supports all types of HDD brands such as Seagate, Silicon Power, Transcend, Kingston, Imation
  • It supports data recovery from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+ and HFSX formatted hard disk drives with such a great ease.
  • User friendly interface of this tool recovers data from formatted HDD with few clicks of mouse and after the recovering task; you can preview the recovered data of the disk.
  • If needed you can compress the files before saving them at any of the desired drive (internal or external).
  • A 24*7 support team available to solve query regarding formatted drive recovery.

Trash is an icon which resides on-screen of Macintosh based operating system. It’s just like the Recycle Bin on Windows PCs and serves precisely the same function of restoring deleted files on Mac. All of the deleted songs, images, videos, movies, etc. will by default get stored on the Trash and will be located in on it unless you delete these files or data from Trash. Trash is similar to the dustbin of the Mac computer that is created to save the deleted items. So, when you’re looking for these deleted files you’ll be able to recall it through the Trash. But, for those who have deleted some of the files from your Trash and have emptied your Trash, it’s not an easy task to reinstate your files through the Trash. In instances like this, your file is considered to become lost from Trash and there’s just one method to obtain back files which are missing from Trash that is utilize recovery software on the Macintosh system.

In conditions such as this in which you have lost your files from Trash, the one hope that you are recommended is the usage of a reliable tool that will effectively recover each of the missing files on Mac. Certainly one of such software known as Trash Recovery Mac which is perfectly suited for the retrieval of lost files from Macintosh’s Trash. It’s internationally used software for the recuperation of missing file. Employ this software on the Macintosh PC and perform the fast recovery of the missing files from Trash.

Some Advanced Features of Trash Recovery Mac Tool:

  • By using this smarter tool you’ll be able to recover all sorts of MS Office Microsoft Word files like DOCX, DOC, PPT, PPTX, etc.
  • This software will scan the entire hard drive of the Macintosh system to locate back all of the deleted or lost files.
  • It can scan every single division of the hard drive to perform recovering the lost files from Trash folder on Mac system.
  • To recovers lost files from Trash on Mac operating systems which use unique search engine technique i.e. searching a lost file by its unique signature extension.
  • This tool will show data type view and file type view of the recovered file.
  • This software provides you substitute for edit and add signatures for the lost files which aren’t listed.

Note for Demo Users of this Tool: Demo users this application program cannot save the files salvaged by it. Save options is enabled for demo users however, you will surely have the preview of the retrieved files. In the event you desired to save these file then you’ve to buy the complete version of this software.

Hi everyone, day before yesterday I was organizing my collection of digital media files on the system. There I found some unwanted media files like videos, pictures and mp3 songs, then I deleted those data from the hard disk. After completion of deletion process I suddenly realized that I unintentionally erased some of my favorite digital media files too.

Later, I checked in Recycle Bin to recover those erased files, but I was amazed because I could not find the digital media files in Recycle Bin. I get frustrated and little bit feared whether I will lose it permanently. Is there any digital media recovery software available in the market? By using which I can restore deleted media files easily.

Some common factors that cause deletion of digital media files from storage devices:

Let’s have a glance on some of the reasons for lose or deletion of media files:

  • Interruption while transferring media files: Sometimes you want to transfer digital media files from storage device to any external devices like pen drive, external hard drives, USB drives, etc. During transferring process, if you ejected the device abnormally which may leads to lose of media files.
  • Corruption of filedigital-media_files_b system– There may chance of corrupting file system due to improper shut down of the PC, some logical errors in operating system and Firmware corruption. This may lead to lose or deletion of digital media files from the system.
  • Error in computer hardware – Internal components of your computer might be crashed by short circuit due to power surges and failures resulting in hard drive crash. This can result in loss of digital media files from the system.
  • Files deleted by unreliable third party application: Sometimes, unreliable third party application like antivirus can also cause deletion of data on computer. Because, while scanning the files on the computer unreliable antivirus application directly deletes the infected files without user permission.

You may come across this type of problem where, your important digital media files like music file, pictures or videos may get deleted or lost by these causes. The Digital Media Recovery Software will facilitate you in retrieving those deleted or lost media files. This tool serves user as the best recovery software for digital media on various storage devices such as memory stick, USB flash drive, pen drive and more. It can easily perform the restoring process on both Mac and Windows PC and their different versions operating system.

Points to remember which helps to avoid lose or deletion of digital media files from the system:

  • Make the habit of taking a regular back of your favorite media files so that you may not lose any of your files.
  • Always update your antivirus program regularly as the malicious programs like Trojan and virus can cause the deletion of media files.
  • Avoid installing the Digital Media Recovery Software on the same storage space where the erased media files are located.
  • Never place your PC near the place which is direct exposed to the sunlight. Such condition may cause rust and damage your hardware parts.

Memory card is one of the portable storage devices which provide you storage facilities in mobile phones, digital cameras, Tablets and so on. Apart from storing facilities, it provides you some other features like long lasting in nature, power saving, small in size, portable behavior etc. You can store any type of file in your memory card either image files, music files, video files or document files. But even some outstanding features of memory card, sometimes files from memory card may get deleted due to some reasons and you may suffer from data loss from memory card.

At that instance, you will think about how to restore deleted files from memory card? So friends, if you want to restore deleted files from memory card then you must opt for Restore Memory Card software. This tool is mainly designed and developed for restoring deleted data from memory card and a simple graphical user interface of this tool provides an easy platform where you can do data restoration task easily from memory card.

Reason behind the Deletion of Files from Memory Card:

  • Accidental Deletion of Data: Sometimes due to mistake, you select and delete some important data from memory card. Due to this accidental deletion, you suffer from deletion of data from memory card.
  • Interrupt Data Transfer: Normally you transfer data from memory card to system through data cable or memory card reader. During the process of data transferring, if any interruption occurs due to any known or unknown reasons. Then there is chance of deletion of data from memory card.
  • Virus Infection: If your system or memory card is virus infected then in scanning process of Antivirus, there is a chance of deletion of data from memory card. As a result you may suffer from data lost issue from memory card.
  • Some Other Reasons: Some other reasons are unreliable third party software, virus issue, abrupt shutdown of mobile phones/digital cameras/Tablets etc and so on. These factors also play a big role in deletion of files from memory card.

Apart from above mentions scenarios, there are many more reasons of data deletion from memory card. If you want to restore deleted files memory card then Restore Memory Card software is quite enough to recover any type of deleted data from memory card in finger tips.

Features of Restore memory Card Software:

  • This tool works in both platform of operating system either Windows OS or Mac OS X and supports all versions of these OS like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite.
  • This tool is capable enough to restore data from any brands of memory card such as SanDisk, HP, Samsung, Kingston, Transcend, Strontium etc.
  • This tool restores deleted files from the memory stick which is having FAT16 or FAT32 file system.
  • You can recover any type of file like image files, video files, audio files, document files or any other files with such an easy way. You just follow some easy steps and restore files from memory card with great ease.
  • You can preview restored data after the restoring task of deleted files from memory card.

Did you format your hard drive accidentally? Have you lost very important data permanently due to formatting your hard drive? Do not panic, you can recover formatted data very easily and quickly using My Hard Drive Recovery software. Deleted data can be recovered very easily from any storage devices using this advanced recovery tool. Whenever you lose data from hard drive, on such condition My Hard Drive Recovery program plays a major role in recovering the data. You can check performance of My Hard Drive Recovery utility by using the trial version.

You can download and install demo version, which is freely available in the internet. After installation, it will start scanning the storage device from where you have lost data. Once the scanning process completes this tool will start recovery process. After recovery process, recovered data can be viewed using preview option. If you are fulfilled with the result obtained from the demo version, then you can purchase full version of this recovery software and recovered data can be stored in any desired location by using save option, which is enabled in full version. For complete knowledge of formatted hard drive recovery process, check it out.

The necessity of formatting the hard drive arises when your hard drive fails to work due to some reason or when viruses or malware infect your hard drive by which you need to format your hard drive to remove the virus from it permanently. Whenever hard drive gets formatted, the content of hard drive completely erased. If you don’t have back up copy of those contents, then you will lose your hard drive data permanently, because it is not possible to get back formatted data by using any manual method. After formatting, if you are using some good data recovery software, then only, it is possible to perform hard drive data recovery. In order to utilize space available in the hard drive effectively or to reorganize the space available in hard drive, you divide it in some parts. Users can split hard drive into multiple partitions to reorganize data effectively. Usually operating system and applications are stored in one hard disk partition and remaining user information is stored in another partition. When any problem occurs with these partition or due to some reason partition fails to work, then partition needs to be formatted.

Usually data is not stored in hard disk partition. Actually, file systems are stored in hard disk partition and data is stored in file systems. In hard disk, FAT (File Allocation Table) or NTFS (New Technology File System) file system is used to store various kinds of data. If file system gets corrupted, file system gets infected by viruses or if these file system fails to work due to some reason, then you will lose data stored in the file system. While converting FAT file system to NTFS file system, due to some error occurrences you may lose data from your computer hard drive. In all of these cases you can make use of My Hard Drive Recovery application to recover deleted, lost or formatted important files or folders from any storage devices.


“Hi friends, urgent help required! Can anyone help me out to recover deleted files from emptied recycle bin?  I was using Windows 7 operating system and my Computer was very slow in terms of speed. So, to create some available space I deleted few files and thought of retrieving it later. But, after sometimes without checking the content on the Recycle Bin I accidentally emptied the Recycle Bin. This resulted in deletion of all my valuable data. Can someone please help me how to recover Recycle Bin deleted files? Any assistance from anyone will be appreciated”

Are you facing any similar issue? Are you seeking for a tool to get back files from emptied recycle bin? If yes then go ahead with this article know more. If you come across such situations, first thing you have to do is, be cool and do not panic! Because, there is a brilliant utility, which can help you out under any circumstances. But, before knowing about the recovery tool you need to understand about recycle Bin and its reasons behind the loss of data.

Recycle Bin is temporary storage container which holds all the deleted files, folders etc. and it gives the hope for the user to restore accidental deletion files it to its original location. However, there are some situations, in which files may not store in Recycle Bin and gets deleted permanently.

Reasons for loss of files on Recycle Bin:

  • Emptied Recycle Bin: The deleted files stores on the Recycle Bin for a short-term. In some case, if you accidentally select “Empty Recycle Bin” without checking its contents on it, this may results in loss.
  • Deletion of files while restoring: Sometimes, while performing restoration of files, you may accidentally select the “delete” option instead of “restore”, which results in deletion of files from the Recycle Bin permanently.
  • File deletion by (Cut + Paste) key combinations: Suppose, if you are restoring any of your deleted files from the Recycle Bin to any external storage device, by just using “Cut and Paste” operation and all the sudden if you pull out the capable of the external device, then the file may go missing from the Recycle Bin and it won’t even be found on the external device. This is a serious issue of data loss from Recycle Bin.
  • Other reasons: Some of the reasons which causes deletion of files are like Deleting files by using Command prompt, deleting files using (Shift + Delete) key combinations etc.

Such situations will often you may think that your data is lost permanently. But that is wrong. However, there is a reliable solution by which you can easily recover deleted files. By using recover Recycle Bin software, your permanently deleted files can be easily recovered.

Features of the software:

Restore Recycle Bin utility ensures to recover all files from emptied recycle bin in Windows OS like Windows-Vista, Windows-7, Windows-XP so on. This tool can also get back all types of files, which are deleted by using command prompt, “Shift + Delete” key combination and the files which bounces Recycle Bin due to oversize etc. you can preview the deleted files on trial version of software before prior restoration. On satisfactory of the results you can buy the licensed version.

Audio Video Interleave (.avi) files are designed and developed by Microsoft Corporation.AVI file format contains both video and audio data in a file storage space which allows audio-with-video playback synchronization. AVI files are large file sizes so quality of videos also high as compared to other video files. It is the most suitable file formats for recording memorable moments in compatible device such as digital camera, Smart phone, iPod, music players, Tablets etc. AVI is a file format which can store “DV-AVIs” movie clips along with audio file and subtitle on Windows and in Mac computers. Faulty firmware of camcorder is the one of major reason of bad frames in AVI file format thus the file get corrupted. AVI is a container to store videos and audios created by DivX codecs also AVI files are compressed multimedia file. So AVI format require codecs, only with the help of same codec player avi videos files can be played.

All .avi files have their own synchronization control parameters for self-tuning. The configuration of AVI files format is simple, so AVI video files get damage quickly. The uncompressed AVI files require large space in hard drive as compared to the other multimedia file formats as a minor volume error in Mac may damage AVI files. AVI files compression is limited, if it is compressed beyond the limit it may damage video as well as audio quality. If any of file repaired due to any reason, avi repair Mac utility will help to survive such situations without damaging other files.

Why AVI video files corrupted in Mac computers.

  • Sometimes AVI file may get corrupted   due to improper termination of the media players get when the file is in process.
  • Regular alteration of AVI file extension will result in broken and damage of AVI files. Thus this file become inaccessible on any devices.
  • Header file corruption of both AVI files and hard drive may corrupt AVI file.
  • Playing and syncing .avi files with those media players that not supports .avi file format. May corrupt and damage AVI files.
  • Sudden Crash of media player may corrupt AVI file. Use of unauthorized media player is the major reason behind AVI utility crashing.
  • Sometimes moving video files between external storage and computer, May dropped and this may corrupt video files.

If you are facing this kinds of situations then you can opt for Video Repair Software for avi repair Mac. It is one of the highly rated and recommended application by industry experts to repair damaged or corrupted AVI file with in few mouse clicks. It can repair videos stored on hard disks, memory cards, and other storage devices this video repairing software are supported in both Windows and Mac operating systems.


  • Ensure backup of your necessary AVI video on Cloud.
  • Use branded data cables and adapters for data sharing with your PC.
  • Consume trustable repair avi Mac utility to repair files.
  • Use genuine and authorized media player to avoid crashing of application.
  • Avoid alteration of AVI files using video editing softwares like Adobe Premiere and Mac DVD ripper.

SDHC card stands for Secure Digital High Capacity card which is used in digital cameras, camcorders, DSLR camera, Smartphone, etc to store videos, photos, documents, etc. Sometimes you may face some situations where you lose your important photos from SDHC card due to some reasons.

Have you ever faced such situations where you lose your important photos from SDHC card then don’t get panicked? Here you can find the exact solution to perform photo recovery from damaged SDHC card. By using Removable Drive Recovery software you can easily recover lost photos from SDHC card within few mouse clicks.

Scenarios behind photo loss from SDHC card:

Improper use of SDHC Card: While transferring photos from memory card to computer or vice versa, if you instantly remove the memory card then there might be a chance of losing some photos from memory card.

Virus Attack: Virus is one of the major problems behind losing of photos from memory card. Thus if there is no proper protection given to your memory card, then there are more chances that the card gets damaged due to virus attack.

Using Third Party Applications: Sometimes you are unable to access the photos stored in your memory card as a result of virus intruded on it. Therefore, to make your memory card free from viruses you go for scanning method with Antivirus software. If files stored in memory card including photo is severely corrupted then that photo may get deleted without giving any notification.

Format Error: Let us assume that you have connected your memory card to system or vice- versa, throughout the time it displays “Format Error” on screen. Thus you are not able to access the data contained on it and compel you to format the card, which ends up in entire data loss including your photos too.

Other Reasons: There are several more reasons behind deletion or lost of photos from SDHC Card such as incorrect file system conversion, file system corruption, power outage while accessing SDHC card, etc.

No matter whatever be the reason behind damaged of SDHC card, the result is severe loss of photos. Therefore to avoid such issues, it is required to maintain proper backup of all important photos. If you have not maintained proper backup then don’t get worried because photo recovery from damaged SDHC card can be performed effortlessly with the aid of Removable Drive Recovery software in few simple steps.

Features of Removable Drive Recovery software:

  • The software has inbuilt special scanning algorithms which scans damaged SDHC card and recovers all your photos from it within a few seconds.
  • This software is capable of recovering deleted or lost photos from removable storage device such as SD card, xD card, SDXC card, flash drive, MMC card, CF card, external hard drive and so on.
  • It supports different types of images including, GIFF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, DNG, ARW, PSD, NEF, BMP, JPG, etc.
  • This software is capable of photo recovery from damaged SDHC card on both Windows and Mac operating system.
  • It can restore images from damaged SDHC card used on various brands of cameras like Canon, Kodak, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Nikon, Sony, etc.
  • This software has Preview option to evaluate the recovered results. If you are happy with the recovered results then upgrade the demo version of the software with its full version to save the recoverd photos.