Best Way to Recover Files from External HDD

I am not able to access may vital data on my external hard drive and I think mostly hard drive is affected with virus attack. Is there any way to overcome from the situation and recover corrupted external hard drive?

The above type of situation can happen because of virus attack to portable hard drive and it can spread all over the hard drive. It looks like virus has affected very badly. When hard drive is infected with virus then sometimes it makes the duplicate copy of the files and folders. Because of that data which is present in folder may get lost. Sometimes dangerous viruses can make external hard drive partition invisible. When entire partition is not opening then you may lose all the saved data. Losing such huge amount of data can make you more worried about the lost data. So what are going to perform in order to prevent the data loss? First you should be calm and take a solid decision for selecting the data recovery software. Next, you can rely on this recovery tool because you can easily recover corrupted hard drive. It is designed and built to recover data from such type of situations.

Another major reason for corruption of hard drive is failure in MBR. Master Boot Recovered is the sector of hard drive which keeps the information about the operating system and partition. MBR is the most essential part required for booting of operating system, if any problems or corruption to MBR can makes your system unbootable and causes errors. Then hard drive is inaccessible due to damage in MBR. Finally it will lead to loss of vital data from hard drive.

Hard drive can be unreachable due to file system damage also. A file system stores all the related information about the files. Suppose when file system is damaged because of various reasons like frequent power failure, abrupt system shut down, etc then you are not allowed to access the data on the hard drive.

At the time of formatting process, if process is stopped then relevant partition from computer system might results in corruption of partition and which lead to loss of important data from that partition. Therefore you should be very careful throughout the format procedure and finish it by following the proper method.

Often hard drive can be damaged due to sudden power failure. It does not matter how your hard drive is damaged, you can recover corrupted external hard drive it with the help of this Recover External Hard Disk Utility.

It is one of the top data recovery software that is completely capable to regain entire data from your corrupted HDD. The recovery tool comes with the strong scanning algorithm which helps to found 150+ kinds of file with the aid of their exclusive signatures on both Windows and Mac operating system. It aids to execute data recovery from corrupted external hard disk on the basis of their date, name, extension, creation date, and size.  In addition, by using powerful recovery tool, users are permitted to get data restoration procedure from removable drives such as memory cards, USB flash drive, pen drives and portable hard drives. in order to recover data from damaged hard drive you download the free trial version and if you are okay with the recovery performance then you can buy license version.