Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Emails from Outlook 2007

MS Outlook is an email application which allows users to send and outlook-mailboxreceive emails in perfect way. It is a personal manager to store contacts, Emails, tasks, calendars, Notes, etc. Emails are the medium for being connecting friends, colleagues, family, etc. Which stores these Outlook elements at two places; one is Outlook data file and another on server. PST file is an Outlook data file which is used to keep back copy of Outlook attributes including emails on hard drive of computer. While managing emails there are some situations where there might be a chance, when you may delete important emails on Outlook 2007. But, don’t worry, because it is quite easy to recover those emails with the help of Email Recovery Software.

Scenarios behind the deletion of emails from Outlook 2007:

Deletion using Shift Delete: While deleting some unwanted emails from Outlook 2007 then you accidently use shift+ delete button as a result you lose your entire emails.

Deletion from Deleted Items Folders: If you emptying your deleted items folder without rechecking it, or accidental deletion may leads to deletion of emails.

Deletion due to Improper Settings: If you are doing something in your Outlook setting and accidently you done with improper setting. As a result, you may leads to deletion of emails from Outlook.

Deletion due to Third Party Tool: When you are scanning your system then antivirus may delete some of the emails from PST file if they are affected by virus.

Other Reasons: There are more other reasons behind deletion of emails from Outlook 2007 when PST file are shared over network then PST file may get corrupted due to some unexpected circumstances, that leads to deletion of emails.

Precautions to be taken:

  • While you are deleting any emails don’t use shift+ delete command in hurry.
  • Use antivirus software to protect your system free from Virus.
  • Outlook should not be terminated improperly.

Features of Email Recovery Software:

  • Email Recovery software is used for email recovery outlook 2007 and also supports on Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2010.
  • It restores the deleted emails from deleted items folder.
  • Preview option allows the users to view the recovered emails and you are not availing with saving option until and unless you upgrade it.
  • This software is compatible with all versions of Windows such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2002, and Windows 2010.
  • This software takes less space for installation (50 MB).
  • The software is incorporated with normal scan and smart scan options for recovering deleted emails from Outlook 2007.
  • Recovers PST files that are deleted by using shift delete command or by command prompt.
  • It supports recovery of PST file from hard drives (IDE, SATA, SCSI, etc).
  • It restores deleted PST file from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, etc.

Guidelines to recover emails from Outlook

E-mails would be the fastest means of communication which can be used mostly through the system users. Emails can be used for the objective of simple and secure communication. These emails differ from paper-based communications that’s because of their speed and broadcasting ability. Also turnaround time is a lot fast, email is a bit more conversational when compared to the traditional paper-based media.
If you build a new account in Outlook then it automatically generates a PST file to store your entire emails along with other contacts. As well as emails this PST files may also stores contacts, tasks, addresses, calendar appointments, meetings notes etc. There are numerous odds of emails getting deleted. Now let us have a look on some of the most common scenarios of losing of emails:
• Actually when you delete an e-mail then which is transferred to “Deleted Items” folder. In case you delete emails or another type from “Deleted Items” folder they is certain to get permanently deleted from Outlook.
• If “Deleted Items” folder also becomes full then your emails will bypass from that folder which results in losing emails.
• If there occurs any corruption in PST file header then and yes it contributes to decrease of emails.
• When you are in need to save disk space then you will compact your PST file. However goes wrong while compacting them will brings about loss of your emails.
After deleting emails then never to use Outlook further and also you should avoid downloading new emails so that you can avoid overwriting. When you actually delete emails, they may not be deleted permanently only pointers pointing compared to that email gets deleted making that space readily available for storing the modern data. Email recovery on Windows 7 can be done with a reliable software. That is Repair Outlook Software.
Features of Repair Outlook Software:
This software can recover PST files that are highly encrypted. It provides two options those will recover emails messages also to repair a PST file. Basing about the requirement you can use either of people options. This email recovery tool can offer real-time preview of the repaired PST files by utilizing Outlook style browser view.
Steps to download Repair Outlook Software:


Step one: Download and install the recovery software to recover deleted emails. Next launch the applying by double simply clicking on the desktop shortcut icon.
Step two: Now a screen with three options is going to be visible. Pick the option which suits appropriate to you and then click on “Next” button.
Step three: Now one more window with two scanning method appears. Choose the way is forced to you and also and then select the destination location where you wish to useful recovered files. Then select “Repair” button so the procedure for scanning will starts.
Step four: Following your scanning process is completed you can preview the recovered files easily.