Guidelines to recover data from SD cards

A memory card is nothing but an electronic flash memory data storage device which is basically used for storing digital information. There are many advantages of using memory cards. These are used in several electronic devices such as video cameras, mobiles, notebook computers, iPods and computer game consoles.

The different types of memory cards are Secure Digital cards, Secure Digital Ultimate cards, SDXC memory cards, Secure Digital High Capacity Class 4 and Class 10. SDHC cards are having the capability to store 32GB of data whereas SDXC cards can store up to 2TB of data. The most common loss scenarios of files from the SD card are discussed as follows.

  • Photos are deleted accidentally by utilizing Command + Delete key combination.
  • By simply using of Cut and Paste command.
  • While copying of the data is going on extracting the memory card from the computer or card reader abruptly.
  • Switching off the camera when saving/processing is happening also leads to the loss of photos from the memory cards.
  • Accidentally formatting the memory card by using format option.
  • Data can be lost as a result of any sudden unknown errors.
  • Data lost occurs on account of power failures also.

The important thing you need to do is to maintaining a backup of all the important files which are present in the memory cards. By doing so you can utilize them whenever you need in future. In this situation there will be no issue of losing of files. But sometimes, there will be not be option for backup of files. In that particular situation you need to use SD card recovery soft ware for the purpose of regaining all your important files.

Features of SD card recovery software:

An entire drive will be scanned for a few minutes in order to recover the deleted photos, video and audio files. Here there is a find option by which you can easily locate a particular file by basing on their creation dates, file sizes and file names. In addition this software also performs SD card recovery on Mac. After the recovery process has completed the recovered data is sorted on the basis of name, size, data and file types.

Steps to download the software:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of software and run the application. Select “Recover Photos” option from that main screen.

Step 2: A window appears from which you should select “Recover Lost Photos” option. After selecting that button you can view all the different volumes which are connected to it. Finally you have to select the volume and then click on “Next” button.

Step 3: Once you click on “Next” button a screen appears with all the recovered file types. Now you need to select the type of file that you wish to recover.

Step 4: Now the software starts the scanning all the deleted files and after finding them displays them in the form of a tree structure.