How to Find Deleted Files

If you have deleted any important file from your Windows computer and later realized that you want to get it back, then you can restore it from the Recycle Bin. The Microsoft first introduced the Recycle Bin in Windows 95, to store deleted files temporarily in Windows systems.

To restore deleted files from Recycle Bin, you need to follow the below mentioned procedure.

  • First open the Recycle Bin by double clicking on the desktop icon
  • Find the file, which you are looking to restore and click on this to highlight it
  • Right click on the file name and then select restore option (or you can go to the file menu and choose restore option)
  • Now the file is located in the original place

Recycle Bin is a best option to find deleted files, but there are times where the deleted files cannot be placed in the Recycle Bin. These include files deleted by using Shift + Delete key or commands, deleted from removable drives (flash memory cards, pen drive, external hard disk), deleted file bypassed due to large size as compared to the Recycle Bin, etc. Also, there are situations like you may empty the Recycle Bin without being aware of important data stored on it. Under such situations you may get worried like how to find deleted files. You can get rid from such worries by getting the help of deleted file recovery software.

A common misunderstanding is that the file is erased permanently from the hard disk when it is deleted. But the file deleted at any time will not be deleted on a hard drive. Instead, the information related to file location will be deleted on the hard drive. The pointer of every file and folder is saved on a starting section of hard drive and this pointer is used by the operating system to collect the directory tree structure. When the pointer file is erased, the actual file cannot be accessed by the operating system. Eventually, this part of space on hard drive will be used to overwrite with fresh data.

There are several hard drive recovery tools; you can get them from the internet to recover deleted files. Actually what these utilities will do is they search for the files which does not have corresponding pointers and present these files to you. The opportunity of recovering complete files may diminish if you wait longer after the deletion of files because the chances of deleted files are being overwritten increases.

Usually the people will delete movies, music and other media files from the Recycle Bin when it is reached to its maximum size. But they will do one mistake that they may delete important files along with the unnecessary documents from the Recycle Bin. When the important files were deleted from the Recycle Bin, then last choice to get back them is use of data recovery tool. Using this software you can recover any data that are deleted from Recycle Bin. Even it can also allow you to recover movie files deleted from Recycle Bin in Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 8, etc. It can support several video file formats like MOV, AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG, etc.

To recover files, what you all need to do is just avoid writing the data on the drive until recovering data from it and download best data recovery software. The data recovery software can provide you few steps to follow, so you just click the required option and the remaining work will be automatically done by the software. The data recovery tool is fully automated with the inbuilt recovery modules. It is designed by the industry experts, with a strong recovery engine. It can perform file and folder recovery, within a few minutes. It is capable to find deleted files, irrespective of reasons.

Along with the recovery of data from Recycle Bin, it can also support several other external storage device data recovery. It can access deleted data from memory cards (SD, XD, CF, memory stick), external hard drives (SATA / SCSI / IDE, etc), Pen drive, FireWire drives, etc. This utility can be used to find deleted files on both FAT and NTFS file systems. It has a simple and easy to use interface. You can work with this software at your home without the need of expert’s guidance. All recovery steps can be easily understood by the professionals as well as normal user. You can also get trial version of this software, to evaluate recovery results.