How to Recover Deleted Partition Data in Few Clicks?

Hi friends, yesterday I decided to repartition the hard disk partition on my Windows system with help the disk management utility. Because I want to increase the size of the existing partition so that I can save new data in the PC. But while doing so I have mistakenly deleted partition, instead of shrinking with other hard disk partition. The partition which got deleted was containing huge number of files, it’s extremely important to get back the data from deleted partition. Please help me how to recover deleted partition.

recover deleted partition What do you mean by hard drive partitions?

Partitions are nothing but the divisions created in hard disk to divide the storing location of user files and system files. By partitioning user can install more than one operating system in the system. Suppose, if one partition gets deleted user can still access the files in the other hard drive partition without any problem. Thus, the entire files in the hard drive will not be of risk in that way. Hard disk partitioning allows the user to manage the data in efficient way; they can save all their data according to the type of data.

However, there are some incidences where hard disk partition gets deleted and it happens with most of the users. By the deletion of partition, the data stored in that particular hard drive partition will be lost. Often, users find it difficult to recover deleted partition on their PC. Has they are unaware about the tool, which allows them to retrieve data easily from the deleted partition and it is possible by using Partition Recovery Software. It is self explanatory software that can recover lost data on both Windows and Mac based system.

Major reasons that lead to the deletion of hard drive partition:

Accidental deletion: Most commonly faced issue by users across the globe; frequently user gets into problem due to their own mistake because they may accidentally delete the partition while organizing the hard drive partitions.

File system conversion– You may find somewhat difficulty during conversion of partition file system from one file system to another. For example FAT16 to FAT32 or to NTFS you may lose data from your partitions.

Hard drive partition corruption– Hardware or software issues, improper formatting or re-formatting of the hard drive partition, , corruption of file system, abrupt system shut down malfunctioning of the OS these all lead to corruption of partitions as no data can be accessed from the corrupt hard drive.

Partition Recovery Software uses a professional approach to recover deleted partition that may be formatted with various types of file system such as NTFS, FAT, ExtFAT, FAT16, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, etc. This application has ability to get back lost data on various types of hard drives interface such as SATA, IDE, PATA, ATA, and SCSI. It comes with an advance scanning technique which ensures the safe and secure recovery of deleted hard disk partition.