How to recover files from formatted hard drive

Hard drives are secondary storage devices which are used in personal or work station computers to store the digital information. Based on Pin configuration, they are classified into different types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. Hard drives use Magnetic recording to store the digital information. Compare to other data storage devices, accessing of data is much faster with hard drives and also they are cost effective. The storage capacity of hard drives varies from several GB to TB.

Before storing any digital information on hard drives, user needs to format the hard drives to install the file system. Formatting is a process of erasing all the stored information from the storage drives and installing the file system. There are times in which users lose their valuable information stored in hard drives due to formatting. File recovery after format can be done using good file recover tool. Let us see some of the formatting scenarios where you can lose your hard drive data.

  • Prior to installing or re-installing the operating system, it is mandatory to format the hard drive in order to install the file system. At this point of time, if you accidentally hit format on the wrong drive which has some important files apart from the intended one, then you may face critical data loss problem.
  • There are times in which the file system gets corrupt due to virus infection or operating crash. In such instances your hard drives become inaccessible and in order to use it further it needs to format the drive. In case if you have not taken any backup of data stored in such drives, then loss of files is guaranteed.

In order to be safe in terms of the data stored in your hard drives, it is always better to take a proper backup of important files. Whenever you lose the files, they can be restored instantly with the help of its backup.

In worst case scenario, if you end up huge amount of data loss due to formatting hard drives without its backup, stop using the drive and avoid silly mistakes. With the help of professional data recovery utilities, it is very simple to recover formatted data from hard drives before overwriting them.

Whenever a file or folder gets deleted from hard drives, it will never be erased immediately from the stored sector, only the pointer which points to the stored location of the file will be removed and the space occupied by the deleted file will be marked as available but the actual stream of bytes still resides on the stored sector until it is overwritten with new data. Unfortunately such data is inaccessible to operating system without a pointer but data recovery software scan the hard drive and recover such data with the help of file attributes like extension, signature, etc.

Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition is one of the popular Windows recovery software which is developed by some expert data recovery professionals to recover formatted hard drive. This utility facilitates you to restore data from formatted, partitioned and re-partitioned FAT and NTFS hard drives. This tool supports recovery of more than 300 file types from different storage media. In case if the hard drive has some bad sectors this tool helps you to restore data from such drives by creating Disk Image. This utility also helps to recover formatted memory card, USB drive, external drive, etc. You can even download the demo version of this software and check the recovery results.