How to Recover Files from SD Card without Formatting?

“Hi there I am Ashley; recently I had lost some of my vital data from the SD memory card. While I was working on my Samsung Grand 2 smartphone, unfortunately my phone showed some error notification stating SD card corrupted while viewing some videos. So immediately I connected the secure digital card to the computer to see to whether I can copy my data to it. But, I was unable to view or copy files and the system OS suggested that SD card might be damaged; Formatting SD card will fix the issue. I don’t want to lose my valuable data! So is there any means by which I can recover data from SD card without formatting? If so, kindly share your ideas! Thanks in anticipation”.

recover data from SD card without formattingAshley may not be the only person who is suffering from data loss from SD card. There is numerous numbers of users who face often data loss from SD cards due to several reasons. So if you had ever encountered data loss from your Secure Digital memory card then first prime most important thing is not be worried and lose hope! As technology has are being blooming like anything now a day, it’s very easy to recover data from SD cards irrespective of the lost / delete causes.

How does data gets lost / deleted from SD cards?

  • One of the main valid reasons for SD card error is that. Suppose, if your OS of your SD card inserted device gets corrupted as the result of this it may make your SD card inaccessible and states SD card corrupted, format to fix SD memory card corruption issues. This indicates data loss in SD cards.
  • Suppose you had connected your malware containing SD card on to Antivirus installed computer. Immediately on connection it may delete the affected files, as this probably ends up in data loss resulting with no other choice but to format the SD card.
  • Apart from common reasons. Sometimes situations like SD memory card file system corruption, interruption in data transfer, etc. could also lead in data loss from SD card.

Some of the basic points to be remembered after losing data from SD cards:

  • If your Computer operating system states that SD is corrupted need to be formatted! Don’t format it as you can recover from that drive before formatting.
  • Never rewrite data on the SD card. Cause rewriting data reduces the possibilities of recovery.
  • Always cultivate the habit of maintaining proper backup of the SD card before formatting.
  • Use only a reliable certified recovery tool to get back data from SD card.

How to recover data from SD card without formatting it?

You can effortlessly retrieve each and every single data from your SD cards without formatting it by using the most trusted SD card recuperate tool called as “Recover Flash Card” software. With the use this “Recover Flash Card” utility you can recover files from SD card without formatting it. As this program supports, recovery of data before formatting on different classes of memory cards such as SD cards, Flash cards, mini SD cards, CF cards, micro SD cards, MMC cards, SDHC,  and much more. Install the demo version of the recover utility free for today and evaluate the actual performance of the program before buying the paid one.