How to Recover Files from Sony Memory Card?

sony-16-gb-class-10-sdl297087560-1-ac3f3For saving captured images, recorded video clips, memory cards are widely used with various electronic devices such as digital camcorder, camera, smartphones, tablets, mp3 player and many other devices. Memory cards are capable of storing large number of files and also supports with different devices. These memory cards are an excellent alternative for data transfer as well as keeping various types of files. There are numerous brands which manufactures and markets various types of memory cards. Sony is one of them world-leading memory card developing brand. Sony cards are used by people across the globe for saving their precious files.

Since Sony cards are widely used to save and transfer the files from one device to other, they are more prone for file deletion or loss from it. Loss of files from Sony memory card can be caused due to virus attack, unintentional formatting, power failure, accidental deletion, improper ejection from the device, exposing memory card to its extreme condition, and many others. Let us take one scenario, you connect your Sony memory card to one of your friend system for moving or coping file. After completion of this process, you eject it abruptly without using the proper safe ejection mode. Later, when you connect it to your computer to access those files, then you were shocked because you are unable to access it.

After facing such issue with your Sony memory card, if you have a backup of all important files, then you can easily restore them. But what happen when backup is not available. In such case, there is no need to worry about because you can easily get back all of your lost data with the help of Sony Card Recovery application. This hassle-free app is specially designed to get back data from Sony memory card just by following few simple mouse clicks.

Common Factors behind File Deletion or Loss Sony Memory Card:

Capturing photos low Camera battery: Most of the time, you may click photos by using camera while the battery of camera is low. It can lead to the corruption of memory card and resulting in photo loss.

Accidental Selection: In order to transferring or removing the files from Sony memory card to laptop, you connect it to the system with the help of card reader and start useless file deletion. During this process, you can delete few important files and face files deletion issue.

Improper handling: Sometime, you may eject the memory card from device when it is being used. In this scenario, there is a chance of file loss from Sony memory card.

Other Causes: Corruption of Sony memory card file system, virus attack, interruption during transferring process is going on, accidental formatting, using same card with multiple devices, can also be a cause of file deletion from it.

Salient Features of Sony Card Recovery Tool:

  • With the help of this ready to use app, you can get back your files from Sony memory card which can support any file system such as FAT16, EXFAT, FAT32 and others easily.
  • Sony Card Recovery software helps to recover files based on their file size, name, creation date, signature, extension and file type easily.
  • This amazing app can recover files from various Sony memory cards including SDHC cards, XD cards, Mini SD cards, CF cards, SDXC cards, SD card, MMC cards, and others.