Learn to tackle data loss situation on Mac Snow Leopard

“Two days back, in hurry I accidentally formatted my Mac OS X Snow Leopard system hard drive. What did I do now? I want my data back! Can somebody help me in this??”

Have you been in a situation where you lost your valuable data stored on your Mac Snow Leopard after formatting and feel sorry for losing your important data by your own?  If yes! Then don’t feel sorry after formatting system hard drive which contained your important data. Because, using Mac recovery tool you can recover those formatted files back. This tool even helps you in finding missing files. It is a fabulous utility to perform deleted file recovery.

Formatted drive recovery is possible, because formatting doesn’t erase the files permanently. When you format your Mac OS X Snow Leopard volume, the file system on that disk is replaced with a new file system by erasing all the entries of the files and directories stored on that disk. This means when you format only the address pointers of file are deleted. The file in the Mac OS X Snow Leopard hard disk remains physically intact. It can be recovered back, by using Mac hard drive recovery tool.

There are two types of formatting among them one is normal formatting where you format your Mac volume to erase all the files present in it, without changing the file system. Second one is reformatting where you format the volume by changing its file systems i.e. from HFS to HFS+. Reformatting is done in order to upgrade the file system of the volume.

Common reasons which forces users to format Mac Snow Leopard volume

  • When hard disk is full: If the volume / drive is full which overall decreases the speed of the system.
  • Upgrading the file system: Upgrading system file system from one to another in order to utilize the advanced features is a great reason to format your volume / partitions on your hard disk.
  • The computer doesn’t start: Registry error or has a black screen .Instead of trying to repair user format it.
  • Too many errors: lot of unknown errors caused due to viruses which reduces the systems performance.

However, you can recover your precious data back if you have a healthy backup of the lost data. If you don’t have updated backup then you can recover your formatted data by using any Mac hard drive recovery software. Mac hard drive recovery software allows you to retrieve files from formatted disk on snow leopard no matter how you lose it. This software helps you in recovering data from pen drive, thumb drives and external storage devices.

Using this tool you can even recovers data from emptied trash and even from non-bootable Mac volumes. You can run this tool all the latest version of Mac OS X such as Leopard/ Lion/ and Snow Leopard. How to find lost pictures on Mac HDD? Problem is now having an appropriate solution, as this tool easily recovers files from digital camera flash cards.


Way to use Mac hard drive recovery software to recover Mac Snow Leopard hard drive data

First download Mac hard drive recovery software on your system. Install it and open the software and select formatted / reformatted recovery option from the main screen. Select the Volume from where you want to recover your deleted data. Select the appropriate file type to recover your data based on file extensions or you may click on “Skip” button to display all the deleted / lost data. The software scans the selected Volume and displays all the recoverable data. Preview the recovered files. Save the rescued files to any desired location or drive, you may also compress them before saving to save memory. It also allows you to save rescued data on optical storage devices such as DVDs and CDs.