Method to Repair AVI File on Mac

Audio Video Interleave (.avi) files are designed and developed by Microsoft Corporation.AVI file format contains both video and audio data in a file storage space which allows audio-with-video playback synchronization. AVI files are large file sizes so quality of videos also high as compared to other video files. It is the most suitable file formats for recording memorable moments in compatible device such as digital camera, Smart phone, iPod, music players, Tablets etc. AVI is a file format which can store “DV-AVIs” movie clips along with audio file and subtitle on Windows and in Mac computers. Faulty firmware of camcorder is the one of major reason of bad frames in AVI file format thus the file get corrupted. AVI is a container to store videos and audios created by DivX codecs also AVI files are compressed multimedia file. So AVI format require codecs, only with the help of same codec player avi videos files can be played.

All .avi files have their own synchronization control parameters for self-tuning. The configuration of AVI files format is simple, so AVI video files get damage quickly. The uncompressed AVI files require large space in hard drive as compared to the other multimedia file formats as a minor volume error in Mac may damage AVI files. AVI files compression is limited, if it is compressed beyond the limit it may damage video as well as audio quality. If any of file repaired due to any reason, avi repair Mac utility will help to survive such situations without damaging other files.

Why AVI video files corrupted in Mac computers.

  • Sometimes AVI file may get corrupted   due to improper termination of the media players get when the file is in process.
  • Regular alteration of AVI file extension will result in broken and damage of AVI files. Thus this file become inaccessible on any devices.
  • Header file corruption of both AVI files and hard drive may corrupt AVI file.
  • Playing and syncing .avi files with those media players that not supports .avi file format. May corrupt and damage AVI files.
  • Sudden Crash of media player may corrupt AVI file. Use of unauthorized media player is the major reason behind AVI utility crashing.
  • Sometimes moving video files between external storage and computer, May dropped and this may corrupt video files.

If you are facing this kinds of situations then you can opt for Video Repair Software for avi repair Mac. It is one of the highly rated and recommended application by industry experts to repair damaged or corrupted AVI file with in few mouse clicks. It can repair videos stored on hard disks, memory cards, and other storage devices this video repairing software are supported in both Windows and Mac operating systems.


  • Ensure backup of your necessary AVI video on Cloud.
  • Use branded data cables and adapters for data sharing with your PC.
  • Consume trustable repair avi Mac utility to repair files.
  • Use genuine and authorized media player to avoid crashing of application.
  • Avoid alteration of AVI files using video editing softwares like Adobe Premiere and Mac DVD ripper.