Recover accidentally deleted emails in Outlook

Emails have become an integral part of an organization, educational institutes, business entities, etc. Microsoft Outlook helps in maintaining and organizing all the emails that are sent by different users easily. By applying rules, it is possible to organize emails send by a specific sender to a specific folder. Apart from sending / receiving emails, Outlook also helps in scheduling meetings, reminders, adding contacts, notes, tasks, calendar details, etc., in a very systematic manner. Because of all these exciting features present in Outlook, it has become a fundamental part of any organization or institute.

Outlook uses PST file to store all the data and this PST file is saved in the hard disk of your local computer. Hence, all the email messages will be secure in your own computer, rather than being on a network. Sometimes, the PST file stored in your computer may get corrupted resulting in loss of important email messages and other Outlook data. In such circumstances, do not panic, as it is possible to recover all the lost or deleted emails from Outlook using email recovery software. When a PST file gets corrupted, email messages and other data present in Outlook would be lost. There are many reasons for a PST file to get corrupted. Some of them are, corruption caused due to improper closure of Outlook while it is sending / receiving emails in the background, PST file header corruption, corrupt emails, etc. By using email recovery software, it is possible to repair the PST file and restore all the lost emails.

Accidentally deleted email recovery

Emails messages in Outlook are usually deleted due to accidental or intentional deletion of emails from inbox folder or deleted items folder, resulting in permanent loss of emails. Outlook email recovery is possible using this software. This software supports recovery of emails from Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 & 2010 versions and the repaired PST file can be imported and used on Outlook 2003 to 2010 versions. The software provides an option to compress the recovered PST file in order to reduce the space and provides an option to save the repaired PST file on a CD/DVD or any other storage medium.