Recover deleted pictures from a USB drive

A USB flash drive is a data storage device integrated with a USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface. This is a portable device that can be plugged into a computer’s USB port and functions as an external hard drive. As USB drives are easy-to-use, small enough to carry in a pocket and can be plugged into any laptop / computer. Hence people use such kind of devices to transfer the data from on computer to other or to store the important data.

Did you delete or format the USB drive accidentally? Will the files, pictures, videos, folders etc can be restored? The answer is “Yes” the data lost from the USB drive can be retrieved completely by using the best recovery software.

The recovery application recovers lost folders, music, audio-video files, photo, digital images from USB drive storage media. Suppose your USB drive contains important files and now you connect it to the computer, suddenly you observe that some files are missing which you had saved the files before. Now the data is not available and you don’t know what to do, how to retrieve those saved files. In such scenarios, you need to try to determine the cause for the deletion of the stored files. Most of the users end in such situations because of the following reasons,

  • The files might be corrupted
  • USB drive contains virus and the infected files are deleted by the anti-virus when scanned by the computer.

USB recovery software restores data which is lost due to improper usage of drive, virus infection, accidental deletion, accidental corruption, hardware/software malfunction, power fluctuations, improper system shutdown, formatting, partitioning, re-partitioning etc. To recover deleted pictures, videos, music, folders etc, make sure to select the software which has the following features:

  • Recovery software should restore the files from non booting drives.
  • Should restore accidentally erased images form corrupted hard disk.
  • Should be useful in retrieving an inaccessible file from USB drives, external hard drives etc.
  • Need to retrieve deleted jpeg, jpg and png images form inaccessible USB drive.
  • Should restore erased or deleted data from virus infected removable USB drive.
  • Need to recover lost data from all USB drives without any data loss.

If the software includes all the above features, that is the best recovery software. One of the software available is Remo Recover. Check whether the selected recovery software application is fully compatible with you computer  / laptop. It supports Windows operating system versions including 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Check the system requirements of the software like RAM, free disk space etc, so that the system supports to install and run the software. Once you choose the software, make sure it has the demo version by which you check the recovery results before you purchase it else you will end up in selecting wrong recovery software which may not lead you to recover the complete lost or deleted pictures or videos. Once you are satisfied with recovery results, you can buy the full version of the software.