Recover lost media files from Mac volumes on iMac machines

The iMac is the Macintosh desktop computer which is developed by Apple. It is integrated with high speed processor with graphics and limitless storage space. iMac also has big LED Backlit display to enable users to view TV shows and HD videos. All the accessories from processor to iSight camera everything is joined in thinner and anodized aluminum and black-bordered glass for a spectrum frame. Even though, there are so many advanced security features to protect media files from being lost. Still, there is possibility of losing media files from Mac volumes on iMac machines. You can still, recover lost media files from Mac volumes on iMac machines with the help of Mac media recovery utility.

Few of the scenarios are presented below

  • Volume header corruption is the main reason for loss of media data. It may happen due repartitioning of volume from HFS+ to HFSX, file system corruption. Sometime, you may format the Mac volume without taking proper backup of data. In such case you will lose media files from that volume.
  • Virus attack on Mac volume can also cause loss of media files. Sometimes, you may install third party tools on your iMac computers that contain dangerous virus or malware. And it will create duplicate folders. This situation can lead to huge loss of media files.
  • Accidental deletion can also delete all your media files from iMac. Sometimes, while you are trying to delete unwanted media files. You may unexpectedly select some important files to delete using “command+Del” option. In that case also you will lose entire media files from Mac volume.
  • Journal corruption is also one of the reasons for loss of media. You may frequently face this situation that, you are not able to work with some of the files on your Mac volumes. This is due to corruption in the journal file on which updates to directories and files are written in order to recover media files in case of system crash.

In above mentioned all scenarios you can use Mac file recovery software to restore lost or deleted media files and also media files that are emptied from Trash. Its built-in algorithms designed to retrieve photo, music & video file formats. The restored data can be sorted on the basis of name, size, date and filename. One can view retrieved data in a Mac finder styled interface. This software can able to perform deep scanning to get back lost media files from unmounts volume. It retrieves media files from hard drives like SATA, SCSI and IDE, SD card, XD card, MMC, Memory Stick, USB drives, Fire Wire drives, iPods and Camcorders. It can also support restoring of media files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32. This tool can provide preview option to watch the recovered files before restoration. It supports 64 bits Mac OS X i.e. Snow Leopard. Download the software to check the features before purchasing the complete version of the utility.