Restore Deleted Picture

Recently, most of the individuals love to capture pictures, record videos etc. on their respective devices such as digital Cameras, Android Smartphones etc successively get stored in a memory Card. By doing so, they can memorize their special and precious moments whenever they want and feel simply amazing! The photo files are more than any other files as, they can’t be recreated. But sometimes, there are conditions that lead to deletion of photo files from your respective devices. After this, the big question that strikes on your mind is how to recover deleted picture?

The answer to the above question sounds positive using efficient picture recovery software. By using its special in-built features, it can easily recover deleted picture from any storage media. Other than supporting how to recover deleted picture, this picture recovery tool helps you to restore photos from accidentally formatted flash drive within a few mouse clicks. USB flash drive is a data storage device that contains flash memory with an incorporated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface.

In general, people delete photos from their computer or laptop, memory Cards, USB flash drives and also most of the time directly from their Cameras and Phones.

Scenarios that lead to deletion of photo on any storage media are:

  • Incorrectly choosing “Delete All” button inside your Camera when trying to delete an awful picture
  • Inadvertently deleting the wrong partition enclosing photos
  • While trying to delete the other one, unexpected power surge or system shutdown in the middle of file transfer may also lead to deletion of photo
  • Other causes such as formatting the Memory card, OS re-installation, file system corruption etc. can also be the reasons for deletion of photo

Note: It is recommended to stop using the storage media either, it may be a memory card, Camera, hard drive, USB flash drive etc. in order to avoid overwriting of the data, which may in turn cause permanent deletion of photo.

Whatever may be the reason for deletion of photo from your storage device, you can restore deleted picture using effective picture recovery tool. Every time, you delete a photo on PC running Microsoft Windows or from your memory card or any other storage media, only the space having the file is marked as free space. Hence, if that space is not used or overwritten by a new data then, it can be retrieved with ease by using this picture recovery app.

Features of picture recovery tool:

This software is well thought-out as one of the most suggested recovery software by many professional experts that helps you to recover deleted photo from any type of storage media. By using this picture recovery app you can not only recover deleted photo but, can also recover lost photo with ease. It has the capability to recover all types of photo / image file formats (also RAW photo recovery of DSLRs) and from all kinds of storage media even from camera and mobile phone’s internal memory (if it emerges as a drive when connected tom a PC). Furthermore, it helps you to restore photos from accidentally formatted flash drive without any difficulty. For more details about accidentally formatted flash drive picture recovery process, visit here:  Excluding photo, it can restore video files, music files and other text files etc from different storage devices. It also supports to recover deleted photo on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. Most prominently provides preview of the recovered photos to make sure you right recovery. All this makes it the best recovery software in the market to recover deleted photo from USB flash drive or any other storage device. Use the demo version of the software, which is 100% virus free in order to gain practical knowledge about the process.