Simple Way to Recover Data from Hard Drive

Did you format your hard drive accidentally? Have you lost very important data permanently due to formatting your hard drive? Do not panic, you can recover formatted data very easily and quickly using My Hard Drive Recovery software. Deleted data can be recovered very easily from any storage devices using this advanced recovery tool. Whenever you lose data from hard drive, on such condition My Hard Drive Recovery program plays a major role in recovering the data. You can check performance of My Hard Drive Recovery utility by using the trial version.

You can download and install demo version, which is freely available in the internet. After installation, it will start scanning the storage device from where you have lost data. Once the scanning process completes this tool will start recovery process. After recovery process, recovered data can be viewed using preview option. If you are fulfilled with the result obtained from the demo version, then you can purchase full version of this recovery software and recovered data can be stored in any desired location by using save option, which is enabled in full version. For complete knowledge of formatted hard drive recovery process, check it out.

The necessity of formatting the hard drive arises when your hard drive fails to work due to some reason or when viruses or malware infect your hard drive by which you need to format your hard drive to remove the virus from it permanently. Whenever hard drive gets formatted, the content of hard drive completely erased. If you don’t have back up copy of those contents, then you will lose your hard drive data permanently, because it is not possible to get back formatted data by using any manual method. After formatting, if you are using some good data recovery software, then only, it is possible to perform hard drive data recovery. In order to utilize space available in the hard drive effectively or to reorganize the space available in hard drive, you divide it in some parts. Users can split hard drive into multiple partitions to reorganize data effectively. Usually operating system and applications are stored in one hard disk partition and remaining user information is stored in another partition. When any problem occurs with these partition or due to some reason partition fails to work, then partition needs to be formatted.

Usually data is not stored in hard disk partition. Actually, file systems are stored in hard disk partition and data is stored in file systems. In hard disk, FAT (File Allocation Table) or NTFS (New Technology File System) file system is used to store various kinds of data. If file system gets corrupted, file system gets infected by viruses or if these file system fails to work due to some reason, then you will lose data stored in the file system. While converting FAT file system to NTFS file system, due to some error occurrences you may lose data from your computer hard drive. In all of these cases you can make use of My Hard Drive Recovery application to recover deleted, lost or formatted important files or folders from any storage devices.