How to overcome Boot Camp issue in Mac OS X

The Boot Camp utility can be used for installing and running Windows operating system, on Intel based Mac computers using dual-boot configuration. When a Mac user runs Windows on a Mac computer for the first time, it lets the user perform re-partitioning of the hard disk in a safe manner. But for this to happen successfully, there are certain minimum requirements that the hard drive needs to have. If the hard drive does not satisfy the given conditions, it might result in loss of critical data, which then would require the help of a Mac data recovery software for recovery of the lost data.

Some of the minimum requirements of the hard drive can be summarized as follows,

  • Free hard disk space of about 5 GB along with a copy of Intel hardware and the latest firmware. The free hard disk space should be 15 GB in case of Windows Vista.
  • Some amount of disk space for installing the Boot Camp. This is essential, since Mac OS X requires some disk space to manage the items in memory.

If the minimum requirements given above are not met, chances of data loss increase considerably.

There are times when the Boot Camp Utility shows errors, even when there is enough free disk space available. This might be due to errors in the file system, or due to fragmented disk space. Since Boot Camp Utility requires contiguous free space, one way to get rid of Boot Camp Utility error, is by performing Defragmentation.

However, in cases where data loss cannot be prevented, it is very important to make use of a Mac recovery software that can perform competently and recover data to the fullest. REMO Recover (Mac) Pro Edition software is a comprehensive Mac recovery tool, which not only recovers lost/deleted partitions, but also lets you recover photos, videos and music files.

How does one determine which is the best software to recover data?

For anyone who has a need to recover data software is the most difficult part of the process to find. There are thousands of data recovery programs available but only a handful are effective. You can of course sift through hundreds of data recovery programs testing them one at a time but a few guidelines will make finding the best data recovery tool a simple procedure.

To begin let us look at what your exact requirements are. If all you need data recovery software for is to rescue a few files that you accidentally deleted then the ability of a data recovery program to work quickly is not too much of a factor. For your use you will want to find a program that has an excellent preview system. This will allow you to find exactly the program you lost. This especially applies to data recovery software aimed at photo recovery. Usually in this instance you will be searching through a smaller media storage device such as a camera smart card or iPod drive. These can be scanned very quickly but you will want to be able to rapidly choose which photos or songs to save.