Steps to recovering an NTFS partition

Once you’ve concluded that you want to use REMO for NTFS partition recovery, installed the software on a healthy system and plugged your hard drive that has the formated partition on it into the healthy computer as a secondary slave device then you are ready to recover the files. First you should check to ensure that the BIOS of your computer recognizes the hard drive you plugged in. You can do this by restarting your computer and when the black screen appears with white lettering displaying what the components of your computer are, click pause and make sure that it has your secondary drive listed there. Once confirmed, resume and proceed to your operating system and launch the REMO application. The REMO application should be on your desktop if you elected to have an icon placed there. REMO can perform Microsoft Office file recovery and regular deleted file recovery as well.

Now that the software has opened up you can proceed through the steps. You’ll notice the attention to detail that REMO took to ensure everything is perfectly outlined. Not to mention the well document help guides that are there to assist you along the way. First select that you want to recover your data and proceed to the page where you select the hard drive and partition that the files were on. You’ll want to select the secondary drive that you confirmed was in showing up in the BIOS and then select the formated partition as well. Once REMO yields results you can sort through the files and decide what you want and what you don’t want to recover. Then, on the final step of the software select a safe and secure location to store the files.

Recover data lost after formatting the drive

Losing data after accidental formation of the hard drive can be a real pain. If you won’t react immediately to retrieve your lost data then you might lose your important data permanently. Luckily, there are technologies today that can recover data from formatted drive.

One of the easiest ways to recover your files from a recently formatted hard drive is to use reliable data recovery software. There are lots of applications today that can rescue your files quickly.

To test the software’s capabilities, it is always recommended to try the demo version first. Most demo versions will show you what files can be recovered from a formatted drive. Unfortunately, demo versions will not allow you to actually rescue or retrieve the files. You need to purchase the commercial full version to proceed with data recovery.

Before you start recovering your files, it is important to install the software on another partition of your drive. You can also use a separate computer to run the software and use the formatted drive as a separate storage device of the secondary computer. Installing the file recovering software on the reformatted drive could overwrite your files which could make the rescue effort more complicated and difficult.

Crashed hard drive recovery

A hard drive is the most widely used media for storage of data. A hard drive is preferred over other storage media, because of its high access speeds, and accuracy in fetching data. A hard drive is composed of many physical components such as disk platters, read/write head, spindle, motor etc. There are many occasions in which, a hard drive suffers from loss of data due to physical errors such as head crash, or physical damage to the platters. In such cases, chances of recovering data from the damaged hard drive are very remote.

Crashed hard drive recovery is relatively easy, if the loss of data is logical, and not physical. This is because, no matter how bad the data loss, all the lost/deleted data can be recovered from a hard drive, provided we take some necessary precautions. Data loss can occur in a hard drive, due to virus attacks, malware, power surge, sabotage etc. This may result in loss of data from the hard drive or, in some cases lead to a hard drive crash, which might render the whole hard drive inaccessible by the user.

REMO Recover (Windows) Pro Edition software makes crashed hard drive recovery a simple task. The software is specially designed for systems running on Windows operating system, and lets the user recover data from lost/deleted partitions of a hard drive. REMO Recover (Windows) Pro Edition software provides some of the best features, that the user can make use of, to the fullest.

A complete data recovery suite for your PC

REMO Windows recovery software will completely scan a PC hard disk in minutes. Often a scan of a reformatted drive can be accomplished in under an hour. All files are recovered with their original file name restored and most can be previewed. Built in sorting functions allow you to automatically section of file types according to category such as audio, video or compressed files. In short, there is one suite of data recovery tools that will handle every data recovery problem and those are the data recovery tools from REMO.