Recover data from corrupted SD card

In this modern age of photography a lot of us face similar kind of problems that reads “Card Corrupt” or a same sort of message on your camera’s LCD. For those who haven’t yet faced such problem I hope slight knowledge will help dissolve such issues after realizing something is wrong with your media. With the help of this article I just try my best to give you some piece of mind to know that you have good chances of recovering the lost data from your corrupted sd card.

As soon as you realize that you have lost valuable data on sd card due to corruption, take the card out of your camera and try it in another camera. Doing this, chance might be that you may find the images are readable by another camera, helping you relax a bit, but most of the time they won’t be. Either ways the next thing you are supposed to do is set your card aside and try it on your computer.

Chances are that your machine would also fail to recognize the card and pop up a message saying it is not having any form of a file system at all and will ask you if you’d like to format it. Do NOT format your card at this point. Doing so data recovery would become more complex.

At this point what you have to just do is connect the card through a card reader to the system where you would be performing recovery process. In order to perform the recovery process you need to first install powerful data recovery software to recover corrupted sd card.

REMO Recover (Windows) data recovery software would be the ideal software solution to recover lost data. This software has a component that can perform file recovery based on unique file signature search with the help of “File Tracer” component provided along with the software.

Once you are able to see your card as a drive with the help a card reader, you can use the above mentioned applications to recover your lost data.

Always try the demo version to evaluate the chances of recovery before buying the full version. Data recovery software recovers what is available physically on a disk. A file if it is overwritten or corrupted it will be recovered in the same state. Please note that once data gets overwritten cannot be recovered.