Tips to Undelete Emptied Recycle Bin

If you are using Windows Operating system you can see a small icon on your desktop, known as the recycle bin. Once a file has been deleted, it is straight away moved to the recycle bin in the Windows operating system. When the files get erased, most of the people will think that the files are lost permanently. The files and folders deleted from the computer hard drive will be available in the recycle bin, and you can restore it from there if required.

When you use the delete key to erase a file the file will be moved to Recycle Bin. The deleted files and folders which are present in the recycle bin can be recovered from there if you did not empty the recycle bin. However, if the data is deleted from network locations or if the file size is bigger than the storage capacity of the recycle bin, the data will be removed from the stored location by bypassing the recycle bin. This is similar in case if you use Shift + Delete button to delete the data, the files get deleted from the device without moving to the recycle bin.

The Undelete tool can be used to retrieve deleted photos, files and other data. Once you have deleted the files, stop using the computer instantly, the further usage will lead to losing data permanently. The recovery of deleted or lost files even after emptying the recycle bin is possible with Undelete Tool, which can recover deleted data from both FAT and NTFS file systems. The demo version of the software helps you to familiarize with the capability of the product.