Tricks to Restore Raw Files

Nowadays every trained photographer prefers to use digital camera and in addition decide on a file format to record photos. JPEG and RAW will be the most well-known file formats accustomed to keep your file. Among that RAW file are nothing but what its name implies. Raw file hold the unprocessed raw data, which can be captured from the sensor with the camera at the time of exposure. This RAW file does not contain finished photos. Each camera manufacturer developed its own unique RAW format particular for their design e.g. CR2, CRW (Canon), NEF (Nikon), ARW, SR2 (Sony), ORF (Olympus), MRW (Minolta), RAF (Fujifilm), etc.

Suppose, you have stored some RAW files within your camera memory card, while removing memory card from digital camera you forget to switch off your camera and removed memory card hurriedly. Because of such silly mistake your memory card gets corrupt and you’re not able to access stored RAW files from such memory card. In this type of situation, you may be concerned about the way to recover RAW files? Don’t worry, in this situation you can employ recovery software to retrieve RAW files and solve your problem of how to restore RAW files. As well as if any other photos files are deleted from digital camera memory card those also you can even recover using this software. There are some more cases with the result that you could lose your RAW files, audio tracks, video clips along with other file formats from different storage devices like, memory card, USB drive, system hard disk, iPod, FireWire drive, etc. Those all scenarios of loss of files are summarized below,

Scenarios of losing files through storage devices:
• Deletion of files because of accidental use of “Shift+Delete” keys.
• Accidental emptying of trash can before restoring necessary files as a result.
• Loss of files from memory card as a result of abrupt removal without switching of camera.
• Loss of data from iPod because of interruption inside the iTune synchronization.
• Deletion of entire files from storage device due to corruption of camera firmware.
• Files become inaccessible when it’s impacted by Virus and malwares.
• Loss of files due to interruption in the process of partitioning/repartitioning of hard disk drive.
• Use of same storage device in multiple device results in loss of data.
• Loss of files from system due to abrupt system termination while accessing these.
• Accidental choosing of drive to format rather than choosing target drive.
• Use of untrustworthy alternative party tool to do operations.
• Due to corruption of Your computer windows registry file, Master Boot Record, file system (like FAT and NTFS), etc. you could face loss of data from system.

These are the most frequent scenarios of data loss from storage devices. If you want to avoid such scenarios of data loss, then follow some precautionary steps like, keep updated antivirus in your system, and use high quality UPS to prevent abrupt termination of system drive, always keep backup of important files, never use untrustworthy sites to download or upload files, never use same memory in multiple device, never capture pictures when camera battery is low, for additional information visit this how to recover files blog.

After following such precautionary measure, still if you are victim of loss of important files, documents, videos, etc. from different storage devices, then use recovery software to retrieve those files. This file recovery software is qualified to recover deleted, lost or inaccessible files from various storage devices like, memory card (SD, XD, CF, MMC, etc.), hard disk drive (SATA/ATA/IDE), USB drive, iPod, FireWire drive, etc. This software is competent to retrieve RAR files, MS Word file, Zip file, audio file, video file, raw file, photos and many more than 300 file types with its name, date, size and format based on unique signature. It is efficient to bring back files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT formatted partition. Software has special built-in algorithm which assists to recover your lost or inaccessible files from formatted, partitioned, corrupted or crashed hard disk drive. Although if you reinstall your OS, then also this software helps to recover files without any difficulty.

Moreover recovery software is available in free demo version which you can download and then try to retrieve your lost and deleted files from system. Software is provided with user manual which assists you to recover lost or deleted files. This software is developed using advanced technology which supports to recover deleted or lost file in very short time. This software is programmed as read only and secure use therefore it does not modify your original file while recovery.