Ultimate Tool to Restore Deleted Partition

Partitions are logical section in a hard disk, which divides whole hard disk capacity in small pieces and use to store files in user defined well structure. It allows user to install more than one operating system on your hard drive. Each partition having file system to manipulate store files, thus it ensures security of data in many situations such as you can re-install OS by formatting one partition without affecting other partition, isolates files in one partition from other so in case of file system corruption only one partition will get affect.

Despite of taking precaution, there are many circumstances when data from partition may get deleted or loss due to known and unknown reasons. Sometime you may face problem with deletion of whole partition which lead to large amount of data loss, which is not acceptable. Fortunately now its possible to recover deleted partitions with the help of third party tools. But you should opt most reliable tool like Partitions Recovery which will recover deleted partition within few minutes without modifying original files. It has effective inbuilt algorithm which enables it to scan deeply whole hard drive for deleted partition recovery which has been deleted or lost due to any reasons.

Scenarios behind deletion of partitions:

  • Sometimes you may want to extend or reduce partition size, to achieve this you need to format and partitioning. If there is some interruption while, partitioning process lead to deletion or corruption of volume.
  • While using Disk Management Tool by mistake you may delete the logical partition which leads to deletion of whole data stored in that partition.
  • There are many third party tools which claim to partition your hard drive. Using unreliable tool may delete partition as a result volume may get invisible.
  • Each volume have individual file system, corruption of file system may lead to inaccessibility of partition.
  • Frequently shutting down of system may lead to corruption of file system which may lead to deletion of volume.

In above mentioned scenarios Partition Recovery software will help to recover deleted partition, even after reinstalling OS. This utility can be used to recover data after system crash too.

Advanced features of Partition Recovery:

  • It is a powerful tool which scans entire hard drive within few minutes and extracts data.
  • It identifies and recovers almost all types of files including media files, compressed and encrypted files.
  • Recover lost or deleted data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions, due to formation or deletion.
  • This utility is capable enough to recover data from hard drive, pen drive, memory card, and other storage device.
  • It previews recovered data prior to save, and after recovering data can be stored in storage device.
  • Its user friendly interface enables any novice user to recover data from deleted partition as expertise without any hassle.