Undelete software are there to recover files from SD cards

Saving of data in diskette, floppies, tapes are counted as old storage mediums, SD cards are invented so as to save the data. SD cards are small chips which are used in different devices to save the data. SD card comes with different capacity to hold the data which starts from 512 MB. These cards are used with the cameras in order to save the pictures, videos and other data files. The card is used in camcorders, cameras, mobile phone etc.

Questions which are commonly asked by the sufferers of data that is:-

Is there any way to recover the data after the data is lost from SD card or different verities of SD cards?  Number of times user faces the problem of data loss due to different reason and at the end stacked with one question about recovery. Second question comes that I am having Mac OS so is recovery possible on Mac OS? Do software supports for different version and types of OS

The technology answered this question:-

  1. Yes the recovery of lost data is possible from SD memory card. You ought to know about some software which are intended to do the recovery on different. SD card recovery software  can be used to do the recovery.
  2. From Mac or any other OS, data can be retrieved. Yes the SD card recovery on Mac can be done easily.

Tips, scenarios, precautions are mentioned below, which will tell you about the data loss, recovery and precaution meant to be taken to avoid the data loss.


  1. Abrupt ejection of card from system without using safely removal option.
  2. Formatting of card done intentionally or unwillingly.
  3. Some system containing virus and connection of card from that particular system can corrupt the data.


  1. Creation of data backups of cards.
  2. Good power supplies should be made in order to avoid the abrupt shut down.
  3. Secured medium must be used to connect the card.
  4. System must be updated with the recent version of antivirus.
  5. Third party tool if in usage then must not be pirated.


  1. The SD card must be kept idle so that the event of saving the other data may not overwrite the data which seems to be lost (actually the data is still there inside the card only the pointers which were indicating the data was deleted).
  2. Card must be used with the adapter in the system.
  3. Safely removal option is in all the OS so better to use the option while ejecting the card.
  4. You can better change the file type of card while formatting rather than changing it when the data is present on card.
  5. Third party tool must be selected consciously and must not be pirated.

These are well known scenarios and can be avoided in order to safe from data loss, alas we can’t know the reason of loss all the time so last option to track is recovery. For recovery there are certain trail versions of software downloads are there which in result return the lost data.