Way to Recover Photos from iPhoto Library

iPhoto library is an application comes with Mac OS. The tool is commonly used to import, print, maintain, share and edit photos from digital cameras, scanners, picture CDs and internet. These photos are present in a specific folder called as iPhoto library folder. It has some more fascinating features such as full screen display modes, face recognition and etc. Apart from photo files, this iPhoto library folder also contains other data files which represent attributes such as ratings, keywords, albums etc. If these files are deleted/ lost due to any reason, then you will no longer be able to access your photos.

Have you ever experienced a situation, where you lose vital photos from your iPhoto library? Are you still wondering a way to recover them back? Then be relaxed now, because in this article you will get the solution to overcome from this problem. The first thing you have to do for successful photo recovery is, stop using the device as soon as you lose you iPhoto library photos. If you do so, then you easily undelete your photos from iPhoto library.

Reasons which are responsible for photo loss from iPhoto library

  • Among all the reasons for photo loss, accidentally deleting a photo file from iPhoto or deleting an entire iPhoto library is the most common one.
  • Disruption during synchronization of iPhoto library between system and a digital camera, results in photo loss. Sync error will remove the photos from both source and destination.
  • Virus infection on the photos present in the iPhoto library will corrupts the photos present on it and makes it unreadable.
  • Unintentionally formatting the hard drive partition where iPhoto library folder stored, will results in complete photo loss from iPhoto library.

By rebuilding the iPhoto library, you can overcome the above discussed problems. This option comes with the iPhoto software. But recovering lost and deleted photos using rebuild option, does not guarantee the complete photo recovery. So it’s better to choose proficient third party tool to restore photo library files. The tool which suggested by most of the experts is photo recovery software. This tool made iPhoto library recovery as simple as eating pastry. If you wanna know how then follow this link

How to retrieve the photos from iPhoto library?

Photo recovery software is particularly built to analyze and restore lost or deleted photos.  It is a reliable and powerful utility that recovers photos lost due to any of the above defined scenarios. Apart photos, using this tool you can even recover other media file such as audio and video. These special features make this software the best recovery tool to recover photos from iPhoto Library.

How to use photo recovery software to undelete photos from iPhoto library?

Before using the licensed version try its trial version. It will help you in estimating the chances of file recovery and software efficiency. Download and install trial version of photo recovery software to your PC. Open the software and follow procedure given on the main screen. You’ll find 2 options one is deleted photo recovery and another one lost photo recovery. Choose the option based on your data loss scenario. The tool scans and displays all the logical and external drives present in the system. Select the drive and mark the file type you want to recover. Click on skip button, if you want to select all the file types by default. Software scans the selected drive and displays all the recoverable photo files. Select the files which you would like to recover back. The software allows you to preview the photo files before recovering them. If you satisfied with the outcome of trail version, then download the licensed version of the tool to save the rescued files to your desired location.

Precaution to be followed

Maintain an updated backup of your photo files either on your system or on some any other external storage drive, it will help you in restoring them back if any data loss happens. Before recovering photo files preview them first using “Preview” option. Do not disconnect the camera or any other removable device during transfer process. Don’t forget to install virus protection program, to get rid from virus or malware attack.