What are the ways to recover emails on Windows 7?

Email is an expansion of term Electronic Mail, it plays important role in communicating one another for employees working in software organizations, bank and different fields. It is a method of exchanging information on online. You can transmit enough messages to number of recipients and there is no limit of exchanging information through it.

You can find so many methods for email deletion like abrupt system shutdown, sudden power failure, etc. Have you lost emails unintentionally? Do not get annoy, you can recover those emails by using one tool regarded as my email recovery, which is designed by data recovery experts. The software provides better solution for users whose emails are deleted from above mentioned scenarios.

Apart from above stated reasons, there are numerous factors results in deletion or corruptions of emails are:

  • Antivirus scanning: The Antivirus software to scan Outlook emails can be one of common factors for losing files. If any user installed it to scan, virus-infected email, in case if that file is severely corrupted, then there might be chance of deletion of that mails without informing to the user.
  • Improper up gradation: This situation results in corruption of emails when the user tries to upgrade Outlook from 2007 to 2010 version. While doing this process if sudden power fluctuation occurs then it will make emails to become inaccessible and it yields in heavy loss of emails.
  • Accidental deletion: Here, accidental deletion refers to erasing of emails without knowingly. While deleting unwanted emails from Outlook there may be possibilities that you may delete some vital email messages from it accidentally. Therefore, it will act as a scenario for removing emails.

The software can be able to recover my email Windows 7 is becoming more popular for the people who are using Windows 7 Operating system. Using this tool, they can recover emails lost due to formatting. It is able to rescue Outlook emails, calendars, notes, journals and tasks. Windows 7 OS is supported by various versions of Microsoft Outlook such as Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 without any difficulty. This utility provides advanced features like easy search, user friendly in nature, etc. It is capable to recover encrypted data, compressed data and password protected files. The Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002 will not support Windows 2007 Operating system.

Safety precautions to be taken by computer user to avoid data loss are:

Delete unwanted emails day by day in order to prevent size exceeding. Always maintain back up of vital files in  other storage devices like external hard drive, USB drive, memory cards like SD card, memory card, etc. so that you can get back data.

Recovery steps are as follows:

Upload demo version of the software from internet and install it in your system. Later, select the drive where you have lost emails and it locates files. Give scan option to scan the drive, once scanning is over, you can view the obtained data with the help of preview option and download the software if you are satisfied with it.