How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows 8 System?

“Hi friends, recently I got my MS Windows 8 touch laptop. It comes with outstanding features that disallow me to sweep my eyes to other places. But today I accidentally deleted my few important files from it unknowingly. These files are very important and I am unable to find them in Windows Recycle Bin folder. Now, I am looking a way to recover deleted files from windows 8 laptop? Please help me by suggesting possible solutions.”

Microsoft Windows 8 operating system is one of the most popular OS among all other versions of Microsoft Windows series. It has gained much popularity in recent times because of its wonderful functionality and very easy to use interface by which user can easily do their work. This Windows 8 OS includes improved search function, Windows to go option to take backup of data along with all types of settings, facility for live syncing of various personal data so that it can be accessed from any Windows 8 computer with Live ID. However, a simple mistake like file deletion can still affect the files saved on Windows 8 laptop hard drives as no device provides hundred present data security.

After facing file deletion issue from an MS Windows 8 system, people want to get back them but they do not know how to recover deleted files from Windows 8 computer. In order to recover deleted file from Windows 8 laptop, people need an advanced third party app which allows them to overcome from such painful situations without any more difficulty. So to solve this issue, people can take the help of Get Back Deleted File software and easily overcome from such painful circumstances.

Most Common Reasons of File Deletion from Windows 8 Laptop:

Shift + deletion: Deleting files from Windows 8 system by using “Shift + Delete” keys can remove files from system drive permanently rather than moving to recycle bin folder.

Using Command Prompt: Erasing the files by using command prompt also bypass Windows Recycle Bin folder and gets completely from the system drive.

Empty Recycle Bin Folder: If user empty Recycle Bin without checking the files present in this folder, then it may lead to some necessary file deletion.

Other Causes: File system corruption, virus attack on the drive, MBR corruption, bad sectors, accidentally deletion, improper operations, drive format can also be a cause of file deletion from Windows 8 laptops.

In order to know how to recover deleted files from Windows 8 laptop which can be deleted in any way as described above, people can take the help of Get Back Deleted File application and easily get back all their deleted files without any other issues. It is one of the most recommended and powerful utility, which can restore all types of deleted files from Windows 8 system hard drive / partitions on with simple process. People can also take the help of this tool to restore emptied Recycle Bin files on various MS Windows OS based desktops and laptops with ease. With the help of this easy to use, people can also get back deleted files from various data storage devices such as external hard disk drive, pen drive, memory sticks, system drive partition, SSD, flash drive and many others.

How to Recover Files from Sony Memory Card?

sony-16-gb-class-10-sdl297087560-1-ac3f3For saving captured images, recorded video clips, memory cards are widely used with various electronic devices such as digital camcorder, camera, smartphones, tablets, mp3 player and many other devices. Memory cards are capable of storing large number of files and also supports with different devices. These memory cards are an excellent alternative for data transfer as well as keeping various types of files. There are numerous brands which manufactures and markets various types of memory cards. Sony is one of them world-leading memory card developing brand. Sony cards are used by people across the globe for saving their precious files.

Since Sony cards are widely used to save and transfer the files from one device to other, they are more prone for file deletion or loss from it. Loss of files from Sony memory card can be caused due to virus attack, unintentional formatting, power failure, accidental deletion, improper ejection from the device, exposing memory card to its extreme condition, and many others. Let us take one scenario, you connect your Sony memory card to one of your friend system for moving or coping file. After completion of this process, you eject it abruptly without using the proper safe ejection mode. Later, when you connect it to your computer to access those files, then you were shocked because you are unable to access it.

After facing such issue with your Sony memory card, if you have a backup of all important files, then you can easily restore them. But what happen when backup is not available. In such case, there is no need to worry about because you can easily get back all of your lost data with the help of Sony Card Recovery application. This hassle-free app is specially designed to get back data from Sony memory card just by following few simple mouse clicks.

Common Factors behind File Deletion or Loss Sony Memory Card:

Capturing photos low Camera battery: Most of the time, you may click photos by using camera while the battery of camera is low. It can lead to the corruption of memory card and resulting in photo loss.

Accidental Selection: In order to transferring or removing the files from Sony memory card to laptop, you connect it to the system with the help of card reader and start useless file deletion. During this process, you can delete few important files and face files deletion issue.

Improper handling: Sometime, you may eject the memory card from device when it is being used. In this scenario, there is a chance of file loss from Sony memory card.

Other Causes: Corruption of Sony memory card file system, virus attack, interruption during transferring process is going on, accidental formatting, using same card with multiple devices, can also be a cause of file deletion from it.

Salient Features of Sony Card Recovery Tool:

  • With the help of this ready to use app, you can get back your files from Sony memory card which can support any file system such as FAT16, EXFAT, FAT32 and others easily.
  • Sony Card Recovery software helps to recover files based on their file size, name, creation date, signature, extension and file type easily.
  • This amazing app can recover files from various Sony memory cards including SDHC cards, XD cards, Mini SD cards, CF cards, SDXC cards, SD card, MMC cards, and others.

Recover Files Deleted from Memory Cards

recover-files-970x0Now a days, people are using desktops or laptops for their personal as well as professional works. After completion of work, people save it in system drive in specific file format. These file formats can be an image, document, text, video, excel, presentation, program, audio or any others. Each file has a special file extension, size, type, and signature. The size of file saved on drive depends on the info it contains. In order to work with a file, people need an application which supports that file format and enables them to edit the info saved on it.

Apart from these features of files, sometimes, peoples can come across file deletion or loss situations. There are so many causes by which files can be deleted or lost from storage device. In general, after the deletion or loss of files from drive, it is still present on the drive, only the pointer which represents that particular file get removed. Due to this reason recovery of deleted files can be done. But it is not possible by any manual way. To recover deleted or lost files from storage drive, people need a highly efficient recovery tool like My File Recovery. This easy to use, hassle-free app is capable of recovering deleted or lost files from all data storage devices.

Common Reasons of File Deletion or Loss:

  • During creating new file, people need to give a name at the time of saving it on the drive. In this process, if people give the name to it, which is already assigned to other file saved on the drive, then this newly created file replaces that old file and caused to file loss.
  • At the time of transferring or moving files from external hard drive to system, if people eject the drive before finishing this currently going on the process, then there is a chance of file loss.
  • Accidental deletion of files from storage drive while deleting other useless files can also lead to file deletion.
  • Presence of a large number of bad sectors on the drive, file system corruption, operating system crash, hard drive failed, incorrect formatting, virus infection, power outage and using an untrusted third party app can also be a reason behind file deletion.

Features of My File Recovery Application:

  • With the help of this easy to use app, people can easily recover data from the hard drive which is having a number of bad sectors by creating the disk image of that particular drive very easily.
  • My File Recovery software is capable to get back files from a drive which can support any file systems including FAT16, NTFS, HFS, NTFS5, FAT32, ExFAT and HFS+ within few simple mouse clicks.
  • This hassle free utility supports to recover deleted or lost files from various data storage devices such as external hard drives, memory stick, Solid Stare device, system drives, Secure Digital card, XD cards, SDHC card, and Multimedia cards.
  • It also allows to recover files from various hard drive types like SATA, IDE, PATA and SCSI on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac based operating systems.
  • It has power to recover files from storage device which is corrupted, inaccessible, damaged, or not recognized without any more difficulty.

Make Use of Deleted File Recovery Software to Get Back Erased Files

“Hello friends! I’m in trouble. Last night when I was installing Windows 10 in my laptop then during installation process, I clicked on the partition delete option mistakenly. Due to this blunder, I lost my all important data from D drive. All those files which are deleted from D drive are very necessary and recovery of all files is must for me in any condition. Now I am worried and helpless because I don’t know how to achieve my all lost files again. Confusion creates where, when I searched online for file recovery tools. I have lots of option now but I want one of the trustworthy recovery tools. So if you guys have any idea about which tool is better for deleted data recovery then please suggest me.”

17m0l9e63nhzejpgEither personal data or official data that is very important for you, if deleted or erased due to any known/ unknown reasons then no one feel good but rather they think about how to restore deleted files, which tool I use for deleted file recovery and many other questions.

A simple and effective answer for all questions is “download, install and use File Restore software.” A strong reason to choose/ go with this tool is, many of the technical experts are using this tool effectively and their responses are quite impressive. They also recommended File Restore application to all those users, who are experiencing data deletion issue due to any reasons.

[Demo tool is also available for free downloading. So you can check the efficiency of this tool before purchasing the full version tool.]

Many tremendous features of File Restore software are there but first it’s important to know the scenarios in which file can be lost or deleted from your system or any other storage devices.

Following are the reasons behind the file deletion or loss:

Accidental deletion of files: No one want to loss there important files from storage device. If mistakenly they select and delete file from the drive/device then chances are there for data loss.

Accidental format: To format a drive/ device means to loss entire data from that drive or device. If you mistakenly click on format option then you May loss entire data from that drive/device.

Infection of virus: All those files which are infected from virus, there a huge chance of deletion in scanning process of antivirus. So there is a chance of deletion of your important files also.

Bad sectors in storage device: Bad sectors which occurs due to heating of system or device. So many bad sectors in your device make that drive or device inaccessible which may leads the loss of data from that device.

Tools which are not reliable: Using of those third party tools which has no reliability may cause the data loss from the device.

System shutdown abruptly: Sometimes when you use your system and due to any reasons such as power failure, system starts booting and so on, system gets shutdown then you will loss many important data from that device.

Transferring process from any device to the system: To make more space or due to back-up of your data, you transfer data from your storage device (SD card, pen drive, digital camera etc) to the system. But sometimes due to any wanted or unwanted reason, if any interruption occurs during transferring process then you will loss data from your storage device.

There are many other reasons behind the deletion or loss of data from storage device such as:

  1. Software conflicts
  2. Hard drive corruption
  3. File system corruption
  4. Corruption of Master Boot Record
  5. Partitioning/ repartitioning of drive

However, whatever may be the reason behind data deletion or loss from storage device, restoration of all deleted files are possible in current scenario. Use File Restore software in your system and get back your all important data within few clicks of mouse.

File Restore software has several marvelous features that makes this tool special from other third party recovery tools which are available in online or offline market.

Following the features of this tool:

  1. Supports and restores deleted/ lost data of all versions of Windows and Mac OSX including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8, Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard etc.
  2. Resuming of data recovery session is also there. So no need to get tensed when any interruption occurs during transferring process. Due to Save Recovery Session features, you can save the recovery session and recover the deleted files without rescanning.
  3. Those files which are deleted from any external storage device such as external hard drive, flash drive, SD card etc can be easily restored by File Restore software.
  4. Restoring of files for both technical and non technical person is such an easy task due to its simple GUI.
  5. Those files which are deleted or lost due to file system corruption can be recovered easily. File Restore software supports all type of file system such as NTFS, FAT 16, FAT 32, ExFAT etc.

Software to Perform deleted File Recovery Mac Computer

Often users may do some accidental mistake with their Mac computers and this may lead to deletion of files. If you have backup of those deleted files then there’s nothing to worry, but in case if you do not have the backup, then there occurs the worse thing. So, to recover deleted files on Mac computers the only option left is to make use of some specialised and reliable software to undelete files.

deleted file recovery Mac

One such specialised application is Deleted File Recovery Mac Software. This is 100% safe and secure software which is recommended by experts of different industries. The deleted file recovery Mac software has inbuilt smart and advanced scanning algorithm which scan the Mac computer and recover the deleted files within few minutes. This software helps to retrieve the files emptied from trash and perform deleted file recovery Mac on few simple steps.

Scenarios behind deletion of files:

  • When you delete any files on Mac computers, it automatically move to the trash. But if the trashed item too get deleted due to some reason then this can lead to data loss
  • While transferring files from computer to external device and vice versa, abrupt removal of external device can corrupt the file system and lead to deletion of files.
  • Due to header file corruption you are not able to access any files from Mac computer’s hard drive. So to overcome such situation you have to format the hard drive. As a result your important files or folders saved on the hard drive may get deleted
  • Sometimes the master boot record of Mac system get corrupted and the hard drive become inaccessible.
  • Some other reasons which are responsible for deletion of files such as deletion using ‘shift + delete’ key, accidental deletion, third party tool, etc.

Features of Deleted File Recovery Mac Software:

This software supports all the latest version of Mac operating system. You can easily recover the deleted file from HFS, HFS+, HFSX, FAT 16 and FAT 32 volume. It helps to recognize and preserve file names after recovery. Easily recover deleted files which have been emptied from trash and you can preview the recovered files prior to data restoration to their desired drive. This software facilitates you with “Save Recovery Session” which enables you to resume the recovery or saving process at any time. Using this software, you can retrieve the deleted files from SATA, SCSI, PATA, IDE hard drives, SD, XD, SDHC, MMC Memory cards, USB drive, Pen drive, External hard drive, FireWire drive, iPods, etc.

Software to Recover Digital Media Files

Hi everyone, day before yesterday I was organizing my collection of digital media files on the system. There I found some unwanted media files like videos, pictures and mp3 songs, then I deleted those data from the hard disk. After completion of deletion process I suddenly realized that I unintentionally erased some of my favorite digital media files too.

Later, I checked in Recycle Bin to recover those erased files, but I was amazed because I could not find the digital media files in Recycle Bin. I get frustrated and little bit feared whether I will lose it permanently. Is there any digital media recovery software available in the market? By using which I can restore deleted media files easily.

Some common factors that cause deletion of digital media files from storage devices:

Let’s have a glance on some of the reasons for lose or deletion of media files:

  • Interruption while transferring media files: Sometimes you want to transfer digital media files from storage device to any external devices like pen drive, external hard drives, USB drives, etc. During transferring process, if you ejected the device abnormally which may leads to lose of media files.
  • Corruption of filedigital-media_files_b system– There may chance of corrupting file system due to improper shut down of the PC, some logical errors in operating system and Firmware corruption. This may lead to lose or deletion of digital media files from the system.
  • Error in computer hardware – Internal components of your computer might be crashed by short circuit due to power surges and failures resulting in hard drive crash. This can result in loss of digital media files from the system.
  • Files deleted by unreliable third party application: Sometimes, unreliable third party application like antivirus can also cause deletion of data on computer. Because, while scanning the files on the computer unreliable antivirus application directly deletes the infected files without user permission.

You may come across this type of problem where, your important digital media files like music file, pictures or videos may get deleted or lost by these causes. The Digital Media Recovery Software will facilitate you in retrieving those deleted or lost media files. This tool serves user as the best recovery software for digital media on various storage devices such as memory stick, USB flash drive, pen drive and more. It can easily perform the restoring process on both Mac and Windows PC and their different versions operating system.

Points to remember which helps to avoid lose or deletion of digital media files from the system:

  • Make the habit of taking a regular back of your favorite media files so that you may not lose any of your files.
  • Always update your antivirus program regularly as the malicious programs like Trojan and virus can cause the deletion of media files.
  • Avoid installing the Digital Media Recovery Software on the same storage space where the erased media files are located.
  • Never place your PC near the place which is direct exposed to the sunlight. Such condition may cause rust and damage your hardware parts.

Here’s the Simple Process to Recover Files from Recycle Bin

“Hi friends, urgent help required! Can anyone help me out to recover deleted files from emptied recycle bin?  I was using Windows 7 operating system and my Computer was very slow in terms of speed. So, to create some available space I deleted few files and thought of retrieving it later. But, after sometimes without checking the content on the Recycle Bin I accidentally emptied the Recycle Bin. This resulted in deletion of all my valuable data. Can someone please help me how to recover Recycle Bin deleted files? Any assistance from anyone will be appreciated”

Are you facing any similar issue? Are you seeking for a tool to get back files from emptied recycle bin? If yes then go ahead with this article know more. If you come across such situations, first thing you have to do is, be cool and do not panic! Because, there is a brilliant utility, which can help you out under any circumstances. But, before knowing about the recovery tool you need to understand about recycle Bin and its reasons behind the loss of data.

Recycle Bin is temporary storage container which holds all the deleted files, folders etc. and it gives the hope for the user to restore accidental deletion files it to its original location. However, there are some situations, in which files may not store in Recycle Bin and gets deleted permanently.

Reasons for loss of files on Recycle Bin:

  • Emptied Recycle Bin: The deleted files stores on the Recycle Bin for a short-term. In some case, if you accidentally select “Empty Recycle Bin” without checking its contents on it, this may results in loss.
  • Deletion of files while restoring: Sometimes, while performing restoration of files, you may accidentally select the “delete” option instead of “restore”, which results in deletion of files from the Recycle Bin permanently.
  • File deletion by (Cut + Paste) key combinations: Suppose, if you are restoring any of your deleted files from the Recycle Bin to any external storage device, by just using “Cut and Paste” operation and all the sudden if you pull out the capable of the external device, then the file may go missing from the Recycle Bin and it won’t even be found on the external device. This is a serious issue of data loss from Recycle Bin.
  • Other reasons: Some of the reasons which causes deletion of files are like Deleting files by using Command prompt, deleting files using (Shift + Delete) key combinations etc.

Such situations will often you may think that your data is lost permanently. But that is wrong. However, there is a reliable solution by which you can easily recover deleted files. By using recover Recycle Bin software, your permanently deleted files can be easily recovered.

Features of the software:

Restore Recycle Bin utility ensures to recover all files from emptied recycle bin in Windows OS like Windows-Vista, Windows-7, Windows-XP so on. This tool can also get back all types of files, which are deleted by using command prompt, “Shift + Delete” key combination and the files which bounces Recycle Bin due to oversize etc. you can preview the deleted files on trial version of software before prior restoration. On satisfactory of the results you can buy the licensed version.

Recover Deleted or Lost Files in Efficient Way

File Restore application is designed with one of the powerful scanning engine to scan the all files and folders that are stored computer or laptop hard drive. It helps to save or pause the recovery session to avoid rescanning of data storage devices. File Restore software is compatible to recover deleted or lost files on both Windows and Mac operating system.

Sometimes, many users loss their crucial files and folders because of various issues such as due to presence of bad sector on the hard drive, virus or malware infection, file system corruption, abrupt ejection of external storage devices, and many more.

Common causes behind deletion or erase of files from any hard drive:

  • If you unintentional deleted files and folders from computer or laptop hard disk with the help of Shift + Delete keys or by using the command prompt. As a result deleted data won’t be saved in Recycle Bin. In such cases deletion of data occurs.
  • If your external data storage device is connected with malware or virus infected system, then there is a chance of severe loss of files and folders.
  • Sometimes, while sharing or moving files from any external hard drive to computer or vice versa, you might suddenly turned off your PC or due to power failure system gets off. As a result important files get deleted or erased from USB hard drive.
  • While ejecting any external data storage device which is connected to PC or laptop without using Safe Remove Hardware method. This might leads to loss of data from hard drive.
  • By mistakenly, if you format any internal or external hard drive partitions, then there is a chance of missing the essential files and folders that are stored on hard drive.

So, there are other various issues which cause data deletion from your computer or laptop, some of the other reasons are software conflicts, use of third party software, file system corruption, partition loss and many more. To get rid of these issues you easily restore all the deleted or lost files by using File Restore tool.

Instructions to use File Restore app:

Step 1: Download and install the Files Restore software in your system and launch the application to view the home screen.

Step 2: Select specific option among “Recover Files”, or “Recover Drives” and choose “Physical Drive” to retrieve files.

Step 3: Click on “Next” button to start the scanning process, after completion of process you can view the retrieved files by using “Preview” option.

Step 4: Finally, store the rescued data on any data storage devices.

Why File Restore software:

  • File Restore application can able to retrieve your valuable files and folders on different file system such as NTFS, FAT16, HFSX, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS5, and HFS +.
  • This utility has the capability to undelete more than 200 types of files there are photos, DOC files, PowerPoint presentations, spread sheets, audio clips, video files, HTML files, animations, movies, games and so on.
  • It is capable to retrieve files on latest versions of Windows operating systems like Vista, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows 7
  • It assist you to get back all deleted files and folders from system crash, due bad sectors, virus infection, system restore, drive de-fragmentation, formatting, etc.
  • This application provides to sort the restored files on the basis of name, file size, file type, and date of modified or create.
  • It assist to compress retrieved files in ZIP or RAR archive in order to save disk space.
  • Even non-technical users can easily recover files and folders from deleted or lost hard drive.
  • If any kind of difficulty you face during use of this software you can contact 24/7 technical support team.

Affordable Tool for the Retrieval of Lost Files

Main issue with the hard disks of the computer is consumed to store all kinds of media files for instance audio and video files, image files at the same time major of the portion is utilized for document files also. File loss troubles are common on computers. A few of file loss occur as consequences of the intentional deletion/formatting/reformatting, etc. and a lot of users will complain about the accidental loss or deletion scenarios inducing the file loss.Individuals are very much involved in preserving their memories and making investments to assemble all of the beautiful and memorable moments of the life in order to feel and live those moments once again through sources like images, video clips, videos, movies, audio files, etc.

Various new Digital Gadget like digital camera, Smart Android phones, etc. are introduced in interested to this purpose. However, you may get troubled off of the data loss or file loss problems on the personal digital multimedia devices.Being a human being we can’t be perfect and human errors are natural. We may eventually lose our files because of accidental deletion and formatting/reformatting. Besides these human errors many of the files loss scenarios for example dead hard disk drive, Windows corruption, crashing of operating systems, etc. may also be considerable.

When we discuss the treatment for recovery of these problems then finally file recovery programs will be the option that strikes to mind and it is regarded as the final aspire to recuperate lost files. Make use of this recovery software on the system in case you have lost your important file just few clicks. It’s the fastest tool within the task of recovering missing files from all external and internal data storage devices or gadgets. The most effective file recovery appliance is right on the screen of your computers stop wasting time be quick to grab this application to obtain back files which you have lost far back

Scenarios Associated with File Loss

    • Accidental formatting
    • Partitioning/ Repartitioning
    • Deletion of files by using Shift + Delete keys
    • Human Error
    • Deleting files from external drives when mounted on PC
    • Operating system crash
    • Dead Partitions
    • Power Surge

If you are searching out a way to deal with all these problems, then here’s is highly recommended and a well known file recovery programs that is utilized worldwide and which is offered at best and reasonable prices. You don’t need to consider more prior to purchase this software.

Special Features of the Software

  • With the use of this appliance you are able to recover lost files from formatted partitions even after setting up operating system
  • Recovers accidentally deleted files and folders of file all formats
  • Files that have Bypassed Recycle Bin/Trash may also be easily recovered through the usage of this software
  • Inbuilt with advanced scanning algorithm to have back lost files. Recuperates files from crashed and non bootable partitions
  • All sort of Media files, Word files that are deleted from your cell phone , thumb drive and all sorts of other similar drives

Precautions to be followed while using this Tool

  • Do not use the drive from which you lost or deleted files and wanted to get back all those files and data
  • Avoid over writing of the files
  • Demo version of this tool will not allow saving your files that are recovered by it. With trail offer you can only preview the files salvaged. To save files you have to purchase full edition

How to Find Deleted Files

If you have deleted any important file from your Windows computer and later realized that you want to get it back, then you can restore it from the Recycle Bin. The Microsoft first introduced the Recycle Bin in Windows 95, to store deleted files temporarily in Windows systems.

To restore deleted files from Recycle Bin, you need to follow the below mentioned procedure.

  • First open the Recycle Bin by double clicking on the desktop icon
  • Find the file, which you are looking to restore and click on this to highlight it
  • Right click on the file name and then select restore option (or you can go to the file menu and choose restore option)
  • Now the file is located in the original place

Recycle Bin is a best option to find deleted files, but there are times where the deleted files cannot be placed in the Recycle Bin. These include files deleted by using Shift + Delete key or commands, deleted from removable drives (flash memory cards, pen drive, external hard disk), deleted file bypassed due to large size as compared to the Recycle Bin, etc. Also, there are situations like you may empty the Recycle Bin without being aware of important data stored on it. Under such situations you may get worried like how to find deleted files. You can get rid from such worries by getting the help of deleted file recovery software.

A common misunderstanding is that the file is erased permanently from the hard disk when it is deleted. But the file deleted at any time will not be deleted on a hard drive. Instead, the information related to file location will be deleted on the hard drive. The pointer of every file and folder is saved on a starting section of hard drive and this pointer is used by the operating system to collect the directory tree structure. When the pointer file is erased, the actual file cannot be accessed by the operating system. Eventually, this part of space on hard drive will be used to overwrite with fresh data.

There are several hard drive recovery tools; you can get them from the internet to recover deleted files. Actually what these utilities will do is they search for the files which does not have corresponding pointers and present these files to you. The opportunity of recovering complete files may diminish if you wait longer after the deletion of files because the chances of deleted files are being overwritten increases.

Usually the people will delete movies, music and other media files from the Recycle Bin when it is reached to its maximum size. But they will do one mistake that they may delete important files along with the unnecessary documents from the Recycle Bin. When the important files were deleted from the Recycle Bin, then last choice to get back them is use of data recovery tool. Using this software you can recover any data that are deleted from Recycle Bin. Even it can also allow you to recover movie files deleted from Recycle Bin in Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 8, etc. It can support several video file formats like MOV, AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG, etc.

To recover files, what you all need to do is just avoid writing the data on the drive until recovering data from it and download best data recovery software. The data recovery software can provide you few steps to follow, so you just click the required option and the remaining work will be automatically done by the software. The data recovery tool is fully automated with the inbuilt recovery modules. It is designed by the industry experts, with a strong recovery engine. It can perform file and folder recovery, within a few minutes. It is capable to find deleted files, irrespective of reasons.

Along with the recovery of data from Recycle Bin, it can also support several other external storage device data recovery. It can access deleted data from memory cards (SD, XD, CF, memory stick), external hard drives (SATA / SCSI / IDE, etc), Pen drive, FireWire drives, etc. This utility can be used to find deleted files on both FAT and NTFS file systems. It has a simple and easy to use interface. You can work with this software at your home without the need of expert’s guidance. All recovery steps can be easily understood by the professionals as well as normal user. You can also get trial version of this software, to evaluate recovery results.


Tricks to Restore Raw Files

Nowadays every trained photographer prefers to use digital camera and in addition decide on a file format to record photos. JPEG and RAW will be the most well-known file formats accustomed to keep your file. Among that RAW file are nothing but what its name implies. Raw file hold the unprocessed raw data, which can be captured from the sensor with the camera at the time of exposure. This RAW file does not contain finished photos. Each camera manufacturer developed its own unique RAW format particular for their design e.g. CR2, CRW (Canon), NEF (Nikon), ARW, SR2 (Sony), ORF (Olympus), MRW (Minolta), RAF (Fujifilm), etc.

Suppose, you have stored some RAW files within your camera memory card, while removing memory card from digital camera you forget to switch off your camera and removed memory card hurriedly. Because of such silly mistake your memory card gets corrupt and you’re not able to access stored RAW files from such memory card. In this type of situation, you may be concerned about the way to recover RAW files? Don’t worry, in this situation you can employ recovery software to retrieve RAW files and solve your problem of how to restore RAW files. As well as if any other photos files are deleted from digital camera memory card those also you can even recover using this software. There are some more cases with the result that you could lose your RAW files, audio tracks, video clips along with other file formats from different storage devices like, memory card, USB drive, system hard disk, iPod, FireWire drive, etc. Those all scenarios of loss of files are summarized below,

Scenarios of losing files through storage devices:
• Deletion of files because of accidental use of “Shift+Delete” keys.
• Accidental emptying of trash can before restoring necessary files as a result.
• Loss of files from memory card as a result of abrupt removal without switching of camera.
• Loss of data from iPod because of interruption inside the iTune synchronization.
• Deletion of entire files from storage device due to corruption of camera firmware.
• Files become inaccessible when it’s impacted by Virus and malwares.
• Loss of files due to interruption in the process of partitioning/repartitioning of hard disk drive.
• Use of same storage device in multiple device results in loss of data.
• Loss of files from system due to abrupt system termination while accessing these.
• Accidental choosing of drive to format rather than choosing target drive.
• Use of untrustworthy alternative party tool to do operations.
• Due to corruption of Your computer windows registry file, Master Boot Record, file system (like FAT and NTFS), etc. you could face loss of data from system.

These are the most frequent scenarios of data loss from storage devices. If you want to avoid such scenarios of data loss, then follow some precautionary steps like, keep updated antivirus in your system, and use high quality UPS to prevent abrupt termination of system drive, always keep backup of important files, never use untrustworthy sites to download or upload files, never use same memory in multiple device, never capture pictures when camera battery is low, for additional information visit this how to recover files blog.

After following such precautionary measure, still if you are victim of loss of important files, documents, videos, etc. from different storage devices, then use recovery software to retrieve those files. This file recovery software is qualified to recover deleted, lost or inaccessible files from various storage devices like, memory card (SD, XD, CF, MMC, etc.), hard disk drive (SATA/ATA/IDE), USB drive, iPod, FireWire drive, etc. This software is competent to retrieve RAR files, MS Word file, Zip file, audio file, video file, raw file, photos and many more than 300 file types with its name, date, size and format based on unique signature. It is efficient to bring back files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT formatted partition. Software has special built-in algorithm which assists to recover your lost or inaccessible files from formatted, partitioned, corrupted or crashed hard disk drive. Although if you reinstall your OS, then also this software helps to recover files without any difficulty.

Moreover recovery software is available in free demo version which you can download and then try to retrieve your lost and deleted files from system. Software is provided with user manual which assists you to recover lost or deleted files. This software is developed using advanced technology which supports to recover deleted or lost file in very short time. This software is programmed as read only and secure use therefore it does not modify your original file while recovery.

How to recover Windows files?

It’s not possible to describe Windows systems in words; it had before now fulfilled all uses anticipations. So, it appears as one of the most recognized computers and provides extraordinary versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 2002-2008. You can take up Windows computers to collect important data like your project files, folders, crucial videos, momentous photos. But in some instances you may possibly finish up data deletion from your Windows. You may perhaps delete some essential files which could contain significant data. You might be thinking how to recover deleted file. Then, it’s important to have a third party recovery program to regain all data lost / deleted. Best file recovery software will help you to regain all files from your Windows computers. There survive numerous factors delete data. Be aware of most regular reasons which are listed below.

Universal scenarios to delete data:-

  • Virus hit: – Significant files deletion commonly occurs due to this risky virus. Thus, when virus is located in your system, then it can damage the entire file system and brings you to data loss situation.
  • Inadvertent deletion: – You might possibly delete the not chosen data instead of deleting chosen files. Thus, misguidedly you can delete files and it could tend to lose imperative data.
  • Unexpected turn off: – Whenever you quickly turn off your system, it suddenly closes all files which, that case your data will be inaccessible and lost from your approach.
  • Bad sectors: – Bad sectors can subsist due to configuration fault, desecrated boot records, discerning read / write processes; file system corruption etc. are the factors which usually form bad sectors in your system. This bad sector cause corruption to files stored on system.

Always keep away from storing any other files it will lean to overwrite the deleted files. Later, it might raise your data to permanent loss. Exploit Anti Virus tools to guard your system from virus attacks.

This Windows file revival tool is capable recover all files which are deleted or corrupted from your system. It is put up with prevailing algorithms and reliability of the tool is well-known by the radiant retrieval presentation of file recovery program. It efficiently recovers all files beyond your expectations. It is capable to recover all types of files and can be used all Windows versions. It has the ability to recover all files from formatted drives, OS re-installing crash and booting malfunction. It productively recovers text documents, OLE objects, along with hyperlinks etc. Once you complete recovery, you might sight them on new location. It is accomplished to do read only action on your system and it won’t shift, modify or obliterate any data. This best recovery software includes experienced well with built-in scan utility; it identifies all deleted and lost files and retrieve other data too.

You can download the trial edition of this Windows recuperation tool to test its potential and then run it. It will scan promptly and recovers all lost data. You can use “Save Recovery Session” option to stay away from regular scanning. In order to hoard all recovered files, you have to pay for the complete edition of this software.

Need to know how to recover files form hard drive

The best way to recover deleted or lost files is by making use of some reliable third party file recovery tool. There are many file recovery tools which are highly reviewed by industry experts having years of experience in creating data recovery tool and are made available in the market. One such tool is easy file recovery software which can recover files from hard drive in few easy steps. Just go through the below explained blog thoroughly to know more about this software.

Hard drives are popularly used by most of the computer users to store their significant files with safe. It helps you to store various types of files like media files, business documents, academic presentation, seminar etc. with no file size limitation.  In case if you lose any of your important file from these hard drive then you must be frustrated and thinking that the data is lost forever. However, this is not true; it is quite simple to recover files after getting deleted by using easy file recovery software.

File recovery is possible because when you delete any file from the hard drive, only the file pointer is deleted and the operating system marks the storage area “ready to add new data”. But the file which is deleted still resides inside the same memory location until and unless any new file is added. If you add any data then it will overwrite the original data and you may lose your data forever. Thus after losing data from the hard drive don’t use it to save any new file so that you can recover the data by using software.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • You may lose your important files due to improper file system conversion from one file system to another.
  • Logical corruption of stored files due to virus attack on the computer does not allow the hard drive to boot leading to data loss.
  • Accidental re-format, format or re-partitioning of hard drives during OS installation results in huge loss of data.
  • Hard drive crash because of MBR corruption makes the system files inaccessible causing data loss.
  • Corruption of system files due to abnormal system shutdown which directly leads to loss of data.
  • Deletion of partition while relocating free space among the partition causes data loss.

These were some of the file loss scenarios which you might come across in the future while using hard drives. No matter how you have lost your data easy file recovery tool can effectively recover those files. This application can perform hard drive file recovery successfully without facing any difficulty in few mouse clicks. With the help of powerful scanning algorithm it can identify the files and restore them based on their unique file signature. This tool can restore files from formatted or reformatted hard drive partitions, deleted or lost partitions at your fingertips.

Try the free version of the easy file recovery tool and install it on your system. After installing the recovery software double click on the desktop icon to launch the application and select appropriate recovery options which you face while using the tool. Once the file restoration process gets completed you can evaluate the recovery results and if you are happy with the results you can go for its full form available online.




Easy way to recover Files and Folders

Windows based System handles all stored data. You can store necessary files, folders or business records, on your Windows system. The stored files and folders on your hard disk will be extremely vital for you. No matter, how much careful you are, sometimes you may delete / lose this data misguidedly or due to some unidentified reasons. Once you lose / delete the important data means you will be tensed and looking how to find deleted files from your hard drive. You could look for third party recovery tool. Windows file recovery software will exactly do what you needed. This software will recover all lost or deleted files. But now go through the below mentioned data loss scenarios.

Regular scenarios of data loss:-

  • Inappropriate system shutdown: – inappropriate system shutdown could make your to lose files which are being used. Usually, when system gets shutdown, it closes all files and folders which are kept open. Whenever computer is unpredictably gets shutdown or it could be stopped due some logical errors, then files will be ruined and become inaccessible.
  • File system corruption: – Naturally file system could be tarnished due to some unanticipated logical errors. When a file system gets corruption, in this situation all files will become inaccessible / tainted by losing its content.
  • Virus contagion: – Virus activity on your system may damage complete files. Virus affected files will be lost or become inaccessible.
  • Deletion with “Shift + Del” keys: – You may fortuitously delete important files by “Shift + Del” keys option, and later these files can by-pass the Recycle Bin folder. It will then results you to misplace vital files.
  • Improper power supply: – Unacceptable power supply could make your files inaccessible or may corrupt.
  • Human mistakes: – You could delete valuable files and folders unintentionally instead of any surplus files. Similarly, you might format your system’s hard disk drive. Then it may lead to rigorous data loss.

You must be cautious after losing data. If you would like to recuperate all deleted files from your system, then it is essential that you never try to bank new data on the drive from where you lost data. It will overwrite the lost / deleted data resulting in permanent loss of files.

File recovery software has many features and its own recovery techniques. You may employ this software to get back the data from chosen drive. It is well-organized software; while this software is running on your system it does not modify any other unaffected files. This recovery software is most trusted and verified by the users. It regains data from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, formatted drives.

This recovery tool can scan complete drive to pick up data within a single minute. It has the faculty to recuperate data from formatted partition, Windows re-installing malfunction and hard drive crash or incapable to boot. It can get back all lost files from RAID1 and RAID5 partitions, which are formatted or removed. This file recovery software will also maneuver on compressed files from NTFS formatted disks. This software helps in producing Disk Image to avoid files that are ready to bypass bad sectors.

File recovery program is available in demo sort to analyze its ability. You can simply download the trial version of this recovery tool and then run it. It will scan all the deleted or ruined files and recovers them. If you wish to save all recovered data, you have to pay for its complete version.





File Recovery Tool

I lost a particular file while deleting it from the recycle bin. Can anyone suggest how to recover files of a particular format alone?

I shift deleted some files which I thought was not needed much. Is there any easy way to recover those files? If so meant me the good choice

I formatted my flash drive recently with the help of windows OS .Can anyone tell me how to recover deleted files from flash drives?

I just changed the file system of my hard drive from FAT to NTFS because I need an OS up gradation .But unfortunately while upgrading the OS I formatted the logical drive .Now I need some files which are formatted with the logical drive .Is it possible to restore the formatted files  ?


Improvisation in technology has been updated day to day .In that losing and deleting files has become a common scenario .There are several occasions where the files lost or deleted .They may be due to and parameters but the user must be highly cautious in deleting and losing files .Normally what happens when a file is deleted or formatted. This question needs an in depth knowledge study. When a file being created or stored there appears two main things .They are file storage in the memory and a pointer to the memory location is created which indirectly gains access to the files .Whenever a file is deleted only the pointer pointing to the file location is deleted first then the storage memory space where the actual file located is over written during the next file saving process. And it’s highly complicated and expensive to recover files from rewritten memory.

Some scenarios:         

There are several scenarios where the file is deleted permanently by the user. Some of the well known and special scenarios are listed below.

  • Ø Files deleted from recycle bin and using Shift + delete option .Both of them are mere same only the users point of using them is different. In both the cases there are good chance of recovering datas until and unless the deleted memory location is rewritten
  • Ø Deleting using command prompt is also the same as the above mentioned things
  • Ø Formatting or partitioning the drive will erase the data completely  the chance of recovering datas from these kind of scenarios is based on the type of recovery tool used
  • Ø File system is conversion is same as the disk formatting only variance is instead of using the same file system the operating system or the user may prefer some other

Data recovery and suggestion:

In all the above scenarios it should be noted that data loss is only in the sense the pointer to the data location is redistributed or set to zero. If the memory is not reused it is better to go for a good full version recovery tool for resurrecting datas from all the above scenarios .An apparent recovery tool must be good enough to cover all the above scenarios including others but not excluding .One such utensil is provided below. The urge for recommending is.

Suggestions sustained:

It is capable of recovering files from all the above scenarios and also free from malware issues. It also good in recovering virus infected files without regaining the virus file .One tool can be used for several different storage devices such as  hard drive internal and external, fire wire drive ,flash drive, memory cards etc. To download and install doesn’t require a skilled personnel. Download it from the internet and just follow the instructions for installing.


Never try to download and install in the same volume which need to be recovered as it may harm the data permanently and not recommended for HFS file systems in MAC since it’s not widely used








Techniques To Recover Data

Data files are the storage structures that represent the qualitative and quantitative data that implies a meaning. Files can be of various formats such as the textual files with extensions like.txt, .doc, .dotx it can be image files like .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .gif, or it can be audio files like .mp3, .mp4, .amr, .wav, or video clips like .mov, .avi, .mp4, etc. Files can be represented as an application file, graphical file, execution file, supporting file and much more. Data is stored in the computer’s hard disk in hierarchical manner. Windows operating system utilizes either FAT or NTFS file system. Sometimes, the data is lost and deleted due to some reasons. In such cases to overcome loss of data you should opt for a powerful data file recovery tool.

There are numerous reasons that lead to loss of data. The data loss could be mainly an issue because of human negligence. This is actually the prevalent problem among all. When the data present on hard disk drive is accidentally erased when you are removing undesirable data from it then you certainly lose data from it. The data could be lost if the file system i.e., FAT32 or NTFS file format is damaged or corrupted by some harmful virus that lead to inaccessibility of the drive. If you have formatted the drive by mistake then also all the data is deleted from the drive. If you have installed new operating-system without a backup then also you suffer from loss of data. If you have encountered any partitioning errors while creating new partitions then also you suffer from data loss.

During the process of file format conversion from FAT to NTFS or vice versa, it also results in loss of data. If defrag process fails because of some error occurrences then files within the system might get deleted. If the boot loader that hold the program code for operating-system to function gets corrupted or damaged then it result in operating-system crash and data inaccessibility. If you have accidentally deleted partitions while removing unwanted partition from the drive then also you suffer from loss of data. If there are any bad sectors on the hard drive then also it results in data loss.

You are able to avoid data loss if you take some precautionary measures. Always have an updated copy of file as backup to restore the files when they are deleted and lost. Avoid using system after deleting files in order to avoid overwriting of new data. Scan your computer with anti-virus program regularly to prevent from virus attacks. If you still tend to lose data after taking precautions then the only solution is to utilize relevant data recovery software.

Data File Recovery software is one such popular data recovery software which facilitates you to recover data from Windows computer. It facilitates you to recover data from hard disk drives, external drives, memory cards, iPods, FireWire drives, USB drives, etc. This software supports data recovery from variety of Operating Systems like Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. With the help of this tool, you can even recover data from formatted and re-formatted drives or partitions. It can even recover data from crashed hard disk drives. You can even download and install the free trial version of the software in your system to evaluate its chances of recovery.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista was introduced by Microsoft; it includes most advanced features and replaces all older versions of Windows operating system. It is very similar to Windows XP but is a completely different operating system. It is much secure, stable then the older versions and uses graphical user interface (GUI) for entirely new appearance and system configuration. You can also switch from new appearance to the old classic appearance as it is still present as an option.

Windows Vista is a heavy operating system as it includes 512 MB RAM and 800 Mhz processor. It also provides 2 Mhz of dual-core processors and 2 GB RAM for high resolution gamming, music, pictures and videos.

Advantages and disadvantages of Windows Vista operating system


It provides graphical user interface for new appearance of start menu, desktop, windows and start button. It provides the latest version of windows media player which is windows media player 11. Windows media player provides many advanced features such as high audio and video quality. You can also know the timings of different countries as it provides additional clocks. It also includes latest version of internet explorer and provides high security.


As Windows Vista is a heavy operating system, it consumes much hard drive space. The cost of Windows Vista Ultimate version is very high. It requires much RAM size, for working smoothly it requires upto 2GB RAM or even more.

How file get corrupted in Windows operating system?

Some of the common reason of file corruption and deletion are 

 Due to power outage or abrupt shutdown of the system the files get corrupted and deleted.

 Files get corrupted due to virus attacks. 

 Re installing or reformatting windows, which causes corruption and deletion of    multiple files.

Human errors. Accidentally deleting the files by pressing shift + delete key, you may loss your crucial files.

Booting failure also causes hard drive corruption and losses.

In such cases, a file recovery software can recover windows files and folders. It can recover file after shift delete which has been emptied from recycle bin. It can recover recover windows vista files along with all versions of Windows operating system.

How to install the free trial version file recovery software?

The first step is to download the free trial version of the Windows file recovery software. After installing, launch the software and select the corrupted drives or partitions from which you want to recover files. After selecting the drive, “the software will start the scanning process. Once the scanning process completes, you can preview the recovered files and folders. You can also save the files to the desired location.


Windows 7

Microsoft developed many operating systems of windows including much advanced features and performance. The latest version of windows operating system is windows 7.It is much faster, more reliable and user friendly operating system.

The decision to use the name Windows 7 is much complicated for Microsoft developers. Over the years, Microsoft used different version numbers like Windows 3.11, or the year such as Windows 98,or some monikers like Windows XP and Vista. But simply by diving the date or “aspirational” name does not make sense. The names does not justify why Microsoft developed this new version. So they decided to give the name as Windows 7 as it was the seventh release version of Windows operating system.


Windows 7 includes many new and advanced features as compare to Windows XP and Vista. You can perform multiple tasks at a time like you can manage media, browse files, send emails etc. Microsoft setup a Home group and then added computers and other devices to remove the frustration for out of home networking users. User can share files, add printers, transfer files to different computers connected on the network etc. It also includes jump list which provides quick execution of files and folders. For example by clicking the right cursor of the mouse you can select internet option, explore the taskbar and select the list of frequently used websites. In most of the Windows operating systems many applications like music, videos, pictures are scattered in different folders on your computer. Libraries are the special feature of windows 7 that contains all these scattered application in a single folder, regardless where they are stored on the hard drive. It also includes Wi-Fi to access the internet much faster.

How files and folders gets deleted from Windows 7 operating systems

Have you ever lost your important data by accidently emptied the recycle bin or by pressing the shift + delete key on your keyboard? So, what will be the next step to get your files back? The best thing is to maintain a backup of your important documents to prevent it from losses or else use of a good windows data recovery software will help you to get back your data.

Some of the following scenarios of data loss

  1. 1.    Abrupt shutdown due to power outage which causes hard drive crashing and failure.
  2. 2.    Virus infection which causes software corruption.
  3. 3.    Reformatting or reinstalling windows which cause loss or deletion of multiple files.
  4. 4.    Human errors. Sometimes by accidentally pressing shift + delete key you may loss your important documents.
  5. 5.    Booting failure of hard drives displays the error message “Missing operating system” also causes loss of files and folders.

In such cases, a good windows recovery software can recover files after shift deletevirus attacks, hard drive failure, system crashing etc. Windows recovery software supports all versions of windows operating systems and also recover recycle bin on windows 7 Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008.To download the software follow these steps

The downloading steps are very simple. You need to install the free trial version of the software and then launch the software. Then you have to select the drive or partition from which you wants to recover files and folders. After selecting the corrupted files and folders the software will start scanning the hard drive. Once recovery of corrupted files and folders completes, you can preview the recover files and save them on the destination location.



The way to conduct recovery on Windows based PC

Os is a number of applications that deals with hardware allocation as well as supplies communication with all the system. The group of operating systems introduced by Windows is among the most widely used operating systems. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP are some of the members of the actual Windows OS sequence. Windows Operating system supports the two FAT and also NTFS file method. NTFS format stores the actual file info within Master File Table (MFT) while inside FAT file system, the actual file allocation details within file allocation table. Yet often documents coming from Windows OS are generally removed because of a few factors. In such file loss situation you should know how to recover deleted files. Nonetheless, effective Windows file recovery software will help you come out of these kinds of file loss situations. Prior to being aware of the actual recovery software inside particulars a person of a few repeated file loss scenarios within Windows Operating-system.

File loss Cases inside Windows Operating system:

  • Accidental eradication: Records may be deleted from your Windows Operating system due to typical human being errors just like eliminating wrong file employing shift + delete key combinations instead of every other file unconsciously. file removed by mistake via exterior drive attached to program simply by using erase essential in addition deletes the actual file from Windows Recycle Bin.
  • Recycle Bin Bypass: Records which can be holding size bigger the actual free computer space available in Recycle Bin of its particular drive whenever becomes deleted, sometimes that gets kept in the Recycle Bin through getting rid of a number of old removed data files or just becomes automatically erased coming from Windows Recycle Bin that is referred to as as Recycle Bin bypass. At times Windows OS randomly eliminates some of formerly erased data files looking at the Recycle Bin in order to preserve free computer space. Such case furthermore documents get erased coming from Windows Computer itself.
  • Corrupted hard drive: When the hard drive having plenty of critical files will get damaged or perhaps is literally ruined due to any explanation then a data files saved in it might be hard to get at for the individual. Infections are the major reason at the rear of the actual hard drive data corruption. A number of crucial records buy deleted during anti-virus scanning procedure.
  • Third Celebration tools: Files from Windows OS could get deleted through alternative party instrument.
  • Unexpected factors: Unpredicted motives similar to abrupt energy failure associated with forcible power down with the technique while file transfer continues to be ongoing can bring about file decrease in Windows Computer itself.

If you’ve lost several of your really important documents due to any of the above causes then you may totally recover the actual deleted data files employing Remo Recover (Windows)-Basic edition if you have not utilized the actual storage device ever again following the actual file loss. Due to the fact utilizing the same hard drive just before locating the actual missing records, increases the likelihood of the misplaced records acquiring overwritten by simply fresh records that make them completely lost.

The options on this computer software include expertise in recovering the deleted/ missing files/folders from Windows Operating system. It can recover up to 280 file varieties at the same time. Data files that happen to be deleted through RAID assortment could be recovered with that software program. This may also recover records coming from computer drives, memory cards, FireWire drives, external drives and many others. You simply have to download this software to gauge it’s utility.

How to recover files from formatted hard drive

Hard drives are secondary storage devices which are used in personal or work station computers to store the digital information. Based on Pin configuration, they are classified into different types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. Hard drives use Magnetic recording to store the digital information. Compare to other data storage devices, accessing of data is much faster with hard drives and also they are cost effective. The storage capacity of hard drives varies from several GB to TB.

Before storing any digital information on hard drives, user needs to format the hard drives to install the file system. Formatting is a process of erasing all the stored information from the storage drives and installing the file system. There are times in which users lose their valuable information stored in hard drives due to formatting. File recovery after format can be done using good file recover tool. Let us see some of the formatting scenarios where you can lose your hard drive data.

  • Prior to installing or re-installing the operating system, it is mandatory to format the hard drive in order to install the file system. At this point of time, if you accidentally hit format on the wrong drive which has some important files apart from the intended one, then you may face critical data loss problem.
  • There are times in which the file system gets corrupt due to virus infection or operating crash. In such instances your hard drives become inaccessible and in order to use it further it needs to format the drive. In case if you have not taken any backup of data stored in such drives, then loss of files is guaranteed.

In order to be safe in terms of the data stored in your hard drives, it is always better to take a proper backup of important files. Whenever you lose the files, they can be restored instantly with the help of its backup.

In worst case scenario, if you end up huge amount of data loss due to formatting hard drives without its backup, stop using the drive and avoid silly mistakes. With the help of professional data recovery utilities, it is very simple to recover formatted data from hard drives before overwriting them.

Whenever a file or folder gets deleted from hard drives, it will never be erased immediately from the stored sector, only the pointer which points to the stored location of the file will be removed and the space occupied by the deleted file will be marked as available but the actual stream of bytes still resides on the stored sector until it is overwritten with new data. Unfortunately such data is inaccessible to operating system without a pointer but data recovery software scan the hard drive and recover such data with the help of file attributes like extension, signature, etc.

Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition is one of the popular Windows recovery software which is developed by some expert data recovery professionals to recover formatted hard drive. This utility facilitates you to restore data from formatted, partitioned and re-partitioned FAT and NTFS hard drives. This tool supports recovery of more than 300 file types from different storage media. In case if the hard drive has some bad sectors this tool helps you to restore data from such drives by creating Disk Image. This utility also helps to recover formatted memory card, USB drive, external drive, etc. You can even download the demo version of this software and check the recovery results.