Learn How to Permanently Delete Recoverable Files

You may probably know the fact that when files are deleted from a computer, they can be easily recovered by data recovery tools. This is because when a file get deleted only the reference to that particular file on the file table got deleted. As a result, operating system cannot able to locate those particular file. Actual file can be recovered using a data recovery tool until another file overwrites it.

But in some situations, it is desirable to permanently delete recoverable files completely from the computer hard drive. In order to understand this statement, imagine this scenario. Suppose you have sold your computer to another person. Before hand over the system, you did a complete formatting of the computer hard drive to ensure that no files are accessible to him/her. But within a few days, you could understand that your account in some social networking sites are being used by person(s) from unknown locations. You hadn’t reveal your login credentials for that sites to anyone. How is this possible?

You had kept a Word file in the hard drive that sold which contains your secret login information for some of social networking sites. The person to whom you sold the computer, might have recovered such files using a data recovery software. This kind of snooping activities are common nowadays. In order to prevent this you need a perfect solution that delete recoverable files forever.  Delete Forever is a tool which is exactly intended for that purpose.

Main Highlights of Delete Forever tool

  • Delete Forever tool is completely free of cost. It only requires a nominal disk space for installation. You can run this software on machines running Microsoft Windows operating systems. It supports Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • Delete Forever tool completely wipes deleted data using various shredding patterns leaving no traces. There is an option called “wipe free disk space”, that allows shredding of previously deleted files from your drive. This tool offers file deletion by different levels of shredding patterns which makes the file recovery an impossible task by using any recovery software.
  • This software has the ability to completely wipe an entire partition or drive data. It has an in-built scheduler to permanently delete recoverable files. This scheduler manages the permanent deletion of data as per scheduled time chart.
  • You can shred selected files from a logical drive or partition. There is an integrated context menu option in this software to enable shredding of files from anywhere on computer. Shredding options of this software is approved by various government and low enforcement agencies.
  • By using option ‘Shred Zone’, you can shred batch of files using drag & drop functionality of this software. This software can be used to delete recoverable files from USB drives, flash memory cards, hard drives, etc.

Steps to Completely Delete Files that can be Recovered

  • Download and install Delete Forever tool on your desktop or laptop computer and launch it.
  • In the home screen you will see four options, ‘Erase Files/Folder’, ‘Erase Recycle Bin’, ‘Erase Drive Free Space’, and ‘Erase Hard drive/ Partitions’. If you want to delete only a few files permanently, select the first option i.e. ‘Erase Files/Folder’
  • In the next screen, you can browse for the files/ folders that you wish to wipe completely from your drive. Add files/ folders to the selection and click on erase to delete them forever.
  • Now a new screen will appear. Here you have to select the wiping method. Based on security, three different shredding levels are available here. Each level offers a number of shredding patterns also. For erasing files/folders a low level shredding pattern is sufficient. Select one then proceed to the next screen.
  • Erasing process will starts now.