Easy Way to Recover Pictures from Damaged SDHC Card

SDHC card stands for Secure Digital High Capacity card which is used in digital cameras, camcorders, DSLR camera, Smartphone, etc to store videos, photos, documents, etc. Sometimes you may face some situations where you lose your important photos from SDHC card due to some reasons.

Have you ever faced such situations where you lose your important photos from SDHC card then don’t get panicked? Here you can find the exact solution to perform photo recovery from damaged SDHC card. By using Removable Drive Recovery software you can easily recover lost photos from SDHC card within few mouse clicks.

Scenarios behind photo loss from SDHC card:

Improper use of SDHC Card: While transferring photos from memory card to computer or vice versa, if you instantly remove the memory card then there might be a chance of losing some photos from memory card.

Virus Attack: Virus is one of the major problems behind losing of photos from memory card. Thus if there is no proper protection given to your memory card, then there are more chances that the card gets damaged due to virus attack.

Using Third Party Applications: Sometimes you are unable to access the photos stored in your memory card as a result of virus intruded on it. Therefore, to make your memory card free from viruses you go for scanning method with Antivirus software. If files stored in memory card including photo is severely corrupted then that photo may get deleted without giving any notification.

Format Error: Let us assume that you have connected your memory card to system or vice- versa, throughout the time it displays “Format Error” on screen. Thus you are not able to access the data contained on it and compel you to format the card, which ends up in entire data loss including your photos too.

Other Reasons: There are several more reasons behind deletion or lost of photos from SDHC Card such as incorrect file system conversion, file system corruption, power outage while accessing SDHC card, etc.

No matter whatever be the reason behind damaged of SDHC card, the result is severe loss of photos. Therefore to avoid such issues, it is required to maintain proper backup of all important photos. If you have not maintained proper backup then don’t get worried because photo recovery from damaged SDHC card can be performed effortlessly with the aid of Removable Drive Recovery software in few simple steps.

Features of Removable Drive Recovery software:

  • The software has inbuilt special scanning algorithms which scans damaged SDHC card and recovers all your photos from it within a few seconds.
  • This software is capable of recovering deleted or lost photos from removable storage device such as SD card, xD card, SDXC card, flash drive, MMC card, CF card, external hard drive and so on.
  • It supports different types of images including, GIFF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, DNG, ARW, PSD, NEF, BMP, JPG, etc.
  • This software is capable of photo recovery from damaged SDHC card on both Windows and Mac operating system.
  • It can restore images from damaged SDHC card used on various brands of cameras like Canon, Kodak, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Nikon, Sony, etc.
  • This software has Preview option to evaluate the recovered results. If you are happy with the recovered results then upgrade the demo version of the software with its full version to save the recoverd photos.