How to restore settings of Outlook 2007 easily?

Microsoft Outlook is an email client of Windows that is installed by default with Office suite. A single PST file is maintained by Outlook to store its data. Outlook 2007 has many advanced features that are added for improvement of its usability and functionality. Instant search, color categories, attachment preview, flagging mail are some of the added features to Outlook 2007. Instant search allows you to search for particular email, contact, calendar or any other item of Outlook and give result by searching in Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items folders etc of your Outlook profile. Color categories feature allow you to customize Outlook items that differ one item from another using colors. Attachment preview allow viewing the attached item in the Reading pane itself without opening or saving it. Flagging mail is used to assign a flag to an item in order to create a follow-up item, which can be tracked in inbox, calendar etc and used for setting reminders also. Most useful feature that is included in Outlook 2007 is program recovery. Sometimes, your program may abruptly close while using it. Using Outlook 2007 certain aspects of previous states of the program can be recovered easily.

As Outlook 2007 has most advanced features than previous versions, many Outlook users who are already using previous versions of Outlook try to upgrade or migrate to this version. During this process of migration, the entire default factory settings may not be upgraded completely which leads to loss of Outlook items. Make use of efficient tool to restore settings of outlook 2007 at this stage.

You can upgrade to Outlook 2007 without upgrading entire MS office suite. This is because Outlook 2007 does not make use of WordMail like old versions of Outlook and allow you to utilize advanced features of Outlook without upgrading rest of the Office suite. However, upgrading Outlook in the above manner may not allow you to access entire features of Outlook 2007. In order to access the complete features of Outlook 2007, you have to upgrade the entire suite of Microsoft Office along with Outlook.

Outlook 2007 supports Unicode format and by default, the limit of the file size is configured to 20 GB. This limit can also be set according to your storage requirements. When size limit reaches 4 GB, you may encounter small pauses while using Outlook. So, clean up unwanted emails from your Outlook profile. It is suggested to take proper backup of the emails frequently, which reduces the chances of reaching maximum size limit of PST file. Though PST file size has been increased, there are certain scenarios where Outlook behaves abnormally when PST file is corrupted due to improper exit of Outlook, malware attack, sharing folders over network with Exchange server etc.

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate helps to migrate to upgraded version of Outlook including default settings of your Outlook profile. This software backup and restore Outlook emails along with all other attributes like contacts, email folders, tasks, calendars, journal entries, settings, junk email accounts, signatures, rules etc. When you download demo version, you can preview this process.