How to retrieve PST files

Microsoft Outlook helps the user to arrange the emails we receive easily and efficiently. The Outlook contains various attributes which help the user to perform particular tasks. Some of the features include calendars, contacts, categories, folders etc. Apart from emails, Outlook also assists us to do a lot more than just send and receive emails. Outlook also lets us create separate folders for each user so that emails sent from them directly go into the folders without going into the Inbox folder. The user can change the folders received from particular person instead of inbox to his personal folder. This makes easy for the user to get emails of a specific person without having to search for it in the inbox folder.

Have you lost your PST file? Do you have any idea how you lost your file? If no, then no need to worry because there are numerous reasons where your PST file gets deleted due to system failure, Power surge, virus attack etc. With the help of PST recovery software, you can regain your deleted file. To know more information about recouping PST files then visit the link

The most popular scenarios where your PST files get deleted:

  • Abnormal Outlook termination: When you access your emails on Outlook on day to day basis there can be distractions in many ways. One common problem is a power surge. This problem can hit your system any time when you are accessing your emails or doing some other task on Outlook archive. This can corrupt your PST files and leads to loss of your emails.
  • Virus attack: It is the most common reason for a PST file to get corrupted. You may have downloaded a word file from internet and that may contain a virus. This may result in whole PST file corruption.
  • Permanently emptying deleted item folder: Deleted items folder is a very important folder of Microsoft Outlook application because this folder contains all the deleted items that have been deleted using normal deletion procedure. You can easily regain these deleted items from this folder at any point in time. But if you empty this folder for lastingly then you cannot get back these deleted files as they will no longer exist in that folder.


Apart from above-mentioned data loss reasons, some other scenarios are also responsible for Outlook data loss such as PST file corruption, a fault in compaction process, inappropriate Outlook up gradation etc. Outlook data can also be lost due to common human blunders like accidental deletion of items by using a combination of Shift + Delete key.

Some important precautionary measures to be followed to avoid data loss from PST:

  • You need to use authorized antivirus program in order to keep your computer free from virus threats.
  • Avoid abrupt shut down of the system and indeed this will avoid your PST corruption.
  • Always have a habit to keep back up of your PST data; this will helps you whenever you come across data loss scenario.

This software is a proficient Outlook tool which is not only capable of repairing your corrupted PST files but is also having a capability of retrieving all your Microsoft Outlook data with utmost ease. This tool provides real-time preview of the recoup items through Outlook style browser view. This application recovers emails, folders, calendar items, contacts, appointments, meetings, tasks, journals and notes from Outlook PST files.

It is possible to download the demo form of this application which lets you preview the contents of the deleted PST folders before data restitution. In case you are pleased with the obtained result and want to save the retrieved files, you need to get the full version of this software then you can save your important data to your desired location.