Procedure to perform photo recovery on Windows

Memory cards are the popular storage medium in portable gadgets like mobiles, PDAs, cameras, printers, camcorders, and digital audio music players etc. Most used memory cards are flash memory cards compact flash cards. The proportions of flash memory cards range from 2 MB to 2 TB. Secure digital cards, extreme digital cards, Multimedia cards, and memory sticks are the generally utilized flash memory cards. The capability of the compact flash cards ranges from 2MB to 128GB. Kingston technologies give you three forms of compact flash cards, and they are compact flash standard, compact flash elite pro 133X, compact flash ultimate 266X . The file systems found in the compact flash cards and flash memory cards are FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS.

Losing of photos along with other media files like audio songs, and videos from the memory cards could be occurred due to various reasons. To solve the data loss problem it is better to utilize good memory recovery software to execute a best photo recovery and other media files recovery. Several case scenarios when the lack of media files can be occurred are the following.

Consider you’ve got connected the SD card of size 8 GB to the PC by using a card reader. The connection was created to copy the photos through the SD card into the hard drive for taking a backup of photos. Suppose you are copying the photos onto the hard drive, and if interruption occurs in between the file transmission process and then there are chances to acquire corruption of file system on the SD memory. The interruption could possibly be caused because of various reasons like improper computer turn off or ejecting the SD card through the card reader etc. In the event the file system on the SD card is corrupted and you’re looking to access the media files from your SD card then an error message is shown on the screen proclaiming that “This card cannot be read” or “This card cannot be used”. This type of situation may cause the media files stored on the SD card become inaccessible.

When a memory card is corrupted and user is wanting to access the media files present on the memory card by connecting it to the PC. In such situations error message is displayed like “device is not formatted” and will also make the media files present on the storage device inaccessible. There is no any other way to reuse the memory card without formatting it. However, formatting the memory card will cause data loss.

Lost or deleted media files from the memory cards might include precious photos, videos and group of favorite audio songs. But absolutely nothing to worry through the use of good memory card recovery software you are able to restore deleted or lost media files. Download the Memory Recovery software and execute the best photo recovery for Windows computers. Applying this software it’s also possible to recover the deleted or lost other media files of numerous file formats from various memory cards like SD cards, XD cards, Multimedia cards, Memory sticks and Compact flash cards.