Recover Files Deleted from Memory Cards

recover-files-970x0Now a days, people are using desktops or laptops for their personal as well as professional works. After completion of work, people save it in system drive in specific file format. These file formats can be an image, document, text, video, excel, presentation, program, audio or any others. Each file has a special file extension, size, type, and signature. The size of file saved on drive depends on the info it contains. In order to work with a file, people need an application which supports that file format and enables them to edit the info saved on it.

Apart from these features of files, sometimes, peoples can come across file deletion or loss situations. There are so many causes by which files can be deleted or lost from storage device. In general, after the deletion or loss of files from drive, it is still present on the drive, only the pointer which represents that particular file get removed. Due to this reason recovery of deleted files can be done. But it is not possible by any manual way. To recover deleted or lost files from storage drive, people need a highly efficient recovery tool like My File Recovery. This easy to use, hassle-free app is capable of recovering deleted or lost files from all data storage devices.

Common Reasons of File Deletion or Loss:

  • During creating new file, people need to give a name at the time of saving it on the drive. In this process, if people give the name to it, which is already assigned to other file saved on the drive, then this newly created file replaces that old file and caused to file loss.
  • At the time of transferring or moving files from external hard drive to system, if people eject the drive before finishing this currently going on the process, then there is a chance of file loss.
  • Accidental deletion of files from storage drive while deleting other useless files can also lead to file deletion.
  • Presence of a large number of bad sectors on the drive, file system corruption, operating system crash, hard drive failed, incorrect formatting, virus infection, power outage and using an untrusted third party app can also be a reason behind file deletion.

Features of My File Recovery Application:

  • With the help of this easy to use app, people can easily recover data from the hard drive which is having a number of bad sectors by creating the disk image of that particular drive very easily.
  • My File Recovery software is capable to get back files from a drive which can support any file systems including FAT16, NTFS, HFS, NTFS5, FAT32, ExFAT and HFS+ within few simple mouse clicks.
  • This hassle free utility supports to recover deleted or lost files from various data storage devices such as external hard drives, memory stick, Solid Stare device, system drives, Secure Digital card, XD cards, SDHC card, and Multimedia cards.
  • It also allows to recover files from various hard drive types like SATA, IDE, PATA and SCSI on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac based operating systems.
  • It has power to recover files from storage device which is corrupted, inaccessible, damaged, or not recognized without any more difficulty.