Reliable Tool to Restore Files from Formatted Hard Drive

Formatting is one of the best way to delete all saved file in a single attempt. After application of formatting command, the files get deleted from that particular partition. Hard drive is a storage device where all files are stored such as images, songs, videos, documents, etc. Sometimes, users select format option unintentionally which leads to deletion of files from hard drive. Under this circumstance, users get tensed since files get deleted from hard drive. However, no need to get tensed; you can make use of Formatted Hard Drive Recovery tool to recover formatted hard drive with great ease. It is reliable and user friendly software so that non technical user can even recover formatted hard drive. This application is compatible with different version of Windows and Mac. It provides an option to save recovered file either on internal or external storage device. It recovers files from formatted hard drive by following some simple steps.

Scenarios which are responsible for formatting hard drive

Accidental Formatting: All files are deleted from hard drive after successful format. When users accidentally format a partition in place of another partition then he loose all important files from that partition. This incident usually happens during new installation of operating system.

Virus Attack: Virus attack is one of the common scenarios which force user to format hard drive. When system is connected to infected storage device then virus get inside the drive and may corrupt the hard drive of the system. In some cases malware program affects the MBR (Master Boot Program) and hence hard drive become inaccessible.

File System Corruption: File system is used to access different files or data stored in a hard drive or any storage device. If the file system of hard drive is corrupted then user is unable to access the files or folder saved in a hard disk. You can restore your hard drive using Formatted Hard Drive Recovery tool.

Bad Sector: It is a cluster of space on hard drive which appears to be defective. Due to bad sector of hard drive, files or folder become inaccessible. This forces you to format your hard drive.

Features of Formatted Hard Drive Recovery Software

  • It is a terrific application to recover formatted hard drive on any latest version of Windows or Mac operating system.
  • This software is compatible in recovering files of different file system such as FAT 16, FAT 32, ExFAT, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, etc.
  • This software is implemented on all brands of hard disk such as Toshiba, WD, Buffalo, Samsung, SanDisk, etc.
  • You can able to only preview your recovered file in demo version. If you want to save the recovered file on any storage device, you have to purchase this software.
  • Save Recovery Session is available to save the recovery timing of this software.
  • Formatted Hard Drive Recovery is the fastest tool to recover formatted hard disk.
  • 24X7 support is given to a customer who finds any difficulty related to software. It is the best side of the application as it provides assistance to the users.