Repair AVI File

AVI is abbreviated as Audio Video Interleave file. AVI file is one of the best multimedia container format to hold movies with best picture quality. AVI file comprises of two separate streams of audio and video data that combines mutually for synchronized audio-with-video playback. This AVI file needs accurate codec to be played on media players like VLC, WMP, QuickTime Player, etc. Unfortunately, if any corruption occurs to AVI file because of some unknown reasons then it renders numerous error messages when clicked to play and it becomes unplayable.

If this situation occurs then how would you recover AVI files? Do you know which program to be used to repair corrupted AVI file? Well don’t be tensed or bother on how to solve this issue. This is because, by utilizing this repair AVI software, such corrupted and unplayable can be repaired successfully and made to play within no time. Repair AVI tool ensures that the corrupted AVI files gets transformed to the new healthy AVI file. Furthermore, this application is completely safe to use, as it does not alter your original AVI file in anyway and repair AVI file without facing any sort of distortion.

Repair AVI tool is helpful in following situation

  • If the process of transferring AVI file from the system to other device or vice versa process gets interrupted because of power failure or improper shut down of the system then AVI file can get corrupted and refuse to play when you try to open it.
  • Use of internet to download unreliable application, due to this virus may enter to your PC and corrupt AVI file stored on it.
  • If the storage device on which you are recording AVI file is running out of memory then the recorded AVI file gets corrupted and throws the error message.
  • Assume that audio and video stream is not synced properly then it might lead to incompatibility issue and finally renders the AVI file to get corrupted and becomes unplayable.
  • Presence of bad sector on hard drive where you stored AVI file, AVI header corruption, software malfunction, malfunctioning of media player, etc could also result on AVI file corruption.

After corruption of AVI file, you might face different types of problems with an AVI file. Some of them like, AVI file will not play in anything, AVI file displays picture but no sound, you can hear sound but the picture becomes invisible, etc. All these issues can be solved easily if you make use of this reliable repair AVI toolkit. Repair AVI wizard has an ability to repair AVI file that is stored on computer hard drive, memory cards, external hard drive, multimedia devices and others with ease.

With the introduction of this repair AVI toolkit, it becomes easy to repair AVI file that refuses to play on VLC player. This program is specially developed to repair severely corrupted AVI file. Other than AVI file, this wizard also supports to repair DIVX and XVID videos that is captures by popular camcorder brands. Sometimes, because of AVI file corruption the audio track of AVI files does not match the video track. To synchronize audio or video track of corrupted AVI file, you need to repair AVI file that is corrupted. This issue can be easily solved with the aid of this repair AVI tool. Get further details on how to repair corrupted AVI file by reading this page- .