Windows 7

Microsoft developed many operating systems of windows including much advanced features and performance. The latest version of windows operating system is windows 7.It is much faster, more reliable and user friendly operating system.

The decision to use the name Windows 7 is much complicated for Microsoft developers. Over the years, Microsoft used different version numbers like Windows 3.11, or the year such as Windows 98,or some monikers like Windows XP and Vista. But simply by diving the date or “aspirational” name does not make sense. The names does not justify why Microsoft developed this new version. So they decided to give the name as Windows 7 as it was the seventh release version of Windows operating system.


Windows 7 includes many new and advanced features as compare to Windows XP and Vista. You can perform multiple tasks at a time like you can manage media, browse files, send emails etc. Microsoft setup a Home group and then added computers and other devices to remove the frustration for out of home networking users. User can share files, add printers, transfer files to different computers connected on the network etc. It also includes jump list which provides quick execution of files and folders. For example by clicking the right cursor of the mouse you can select internet option, explore the taskbar and select the list of frequently used websites. In most of the Windows operating systems many applications like music, videos, pictures are scattered in different folders on your computer. Libraries are the special feature of windows 7 that contains all these scattered application in a single folder, regardless where they are stored on the hard drive. It also includes Wi-Fi to access the internet much faster.

How files and folders gets deleted from Windows 7 operating systems

Have you ever lost your important data by accidently emptied the recycle bin or by pressing the shift + delete key on your keyboard? So, what will be the next step to get your files back? The best thing is to maintain a backup of your important documents to prevent it from losses or else use of a good windows data recovery software will help you to get back your data.

Some of the following scenarios of data loss

  1. 1.    Abrupt shutdown due to power outage which causes hard drive crashing and failure.
  2. 2.    Virus infection which causes software corruption.
  3. 3.    Reformatting or reinstalling windows which cause loss or deletion of multiple files.
  4. 4.    Human errors. Sometimes by accidentally pressing shift + delete key you may loss your important documents.
  5. 5.    Booting failure of hard drives displays the error message “Missing operating system” also causes loss of files and folders.

In such cases, a good windows recovery software can recover files after shift deletevirus attacks, hard drive failure, system crashing etc. Windows recovery software supports all versions of windows operating systems and also recover recycle bin on windows 7 Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008.To download the software follow these steps

The downloading steps are very simple. You need to install the free trial version of the software and then launch the software. Then you have to select the drive or partition from which you wants to recover files and folders. After selecting the corrupted files and folders the software will start scanning the hard drive. Once recovery of corrupted files and folders completes, you can preview the recover files and save them on the destination location.