Windows Vista

Windows Vista was introduced by Microsoft; it includes most advanced features and replaces all older versions of Windows operating system. It is very similar to Windows XP but is a completely different operating system. It is much secure, stable then the older versions and uses graphical user interface (GUI) for entirely new appearance and system configuration. You can also switch from new appearance to the old classic appearance as it is still present as an option.

Windows Vista is a heavy operating system as it includes 512 MB RAM and 800 Mhz processor. It also provides 2 Mhz of dual-core processors and 2 GB RAM for high resolution gamming, music, pictures and videos.

Advantages and disadvantages of Windows Vista operating system


It provides graphical user interface for new appearance of start menu, desktop, windows and start button. It provides the latest version of windows media player which is windows media player 11. Windows media player provides many advanced features such as high audio and video quality. You can also know the timings of different countries as it provides additional clocks. It also includes latest version of internet explorer and provides high security.


As Windows Vista is a heavy operating system, it consumes much hard drive space. The cost of Windows Vista Ultimate version is very high. It requires much RAM size, for working smoothly it requires upto 2GB RAM or even more.

How file get corrupted in Windows operating system?

Some of the common reason of file corruption and deletion are 

 Due to power outage or abrupt shutdown of the system the files get corrupted and deleted.

 Files get corrupted due to virus attacks. 

 Re installing or reformatting windows, which causes corruption and deletion of    multiple files.

Human errors. Accidentally deleting the files by pressing shift + delete key, you may loss your crucial files.

Booting failure also causes hard drive corruption and losses.

In such cases, a file recovery software can recover windows files and folders. It can recover file after shift delete which has been emptied from recycle bin. It can recover recover windows vista files along with all versions of Windows operating system.

How to install the free trial version file recovery software?

The first step is to download the free trial version of the Windows file recovery software. After installing, launch the software and select the corrupted drives or partitions from which you want to recover files. After selecting the drive, “the software will start the scanning process. Once the scanning process completes, you can preview the recovered files and folders. You can also save the files to the desired location.